Shigeru Miyamoto Accepts Hall of Fame Award for the Legend of Zelda at Spike VGA 2011

Aww. This is so sweet. Despite all the rumours, the public see the extraordinary man himself at Spike TV Video Game Awards 2011 to accept an award for the franchise he created.

Shigeru Miyamoto, current Senior Managing Director at Nintendo, and the man behind Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda, stepped on the VGA stage to accept the hall of fame award for the Legend of Zelda series.


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aviator1893822d ago

Well-deserved. Go, Miyamoto!

BiggCMan3821d ago

Agreed, he definitely deserves this, but I wish they did this at E3 rather than the VGA's. Sorry to anyone who thinks otherwise, but they are a joke. I'm pissed that they didn't even let him or Kojima speak in their native language. Did you see how much trouble Kojima had trying to speak? He couldn't understand the word "Revengeance" cause it's not even a real word.. Stupid show is stupid. They made Kojima look like a fool. Tonight's show was awful. But I do honor Miyamoto, he is an amazing man, would love to meet him some day.

wonderwall973821d ago

Really? Then atleast the hall of fame award for Zelda deserves it.. Dunno, I'm sensing that in the next few years it will become controversial.. But I wish it doesn't.

wonderwall973822d ago

hurray for the man, and to the Zelda series too! ~

dinkeldinkse3821d ago

But getting an award from the VGA's is like me giving him toilet paper.

L6RD7BLU33821d ago


a08andan3821d ago

I was almost crying when he went up there! He seemed so happy about his baby getting into the hall of fame. A great moment :)

Capt-FuzzyPants3821d ago

Yea me too. Then he started talking and I couldn't understand a word he said. He had one of those very thick accents.

Is this the first game in it or was this Hall of Fame thing already started?

wonderwall973821d ago

This was the first Hall of Fame award. Infact Spike TV said before in a press release that it was only fitting to start with the Zelda franchise

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