How Square Enix Can Win Their Fans Back: Kingdom Hearts Edition

Jordan of Trendy Gamers: Here we are on part four of how Square Enix can get their fans back! This time I will focus on the fantastic Kingdom Hearts Series. What started out as a crazy idea for many ended up being one of the Playstation 2’s greatest franchises. Unfortunately the series has been dormant on consoles since 2006 and that is only the tip of the iceberg. What is Square Enix doing leaving this fantastic franchise to handhelds? Here is what they should do to get their fans back with the Kingdom Hearts series.

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jacksonmichael3476d ago

I totally agree. Not that I don't love Kingdom Hearts as it is.

TrendyGamers3476d ago

Yeah, its great as it is but some changes are needed.

crxss3476d ago

still waiting for the KH HD collection with KH, KH2, and hopefully KH BBS. that... would... be... epic!

dark-hollow3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

^^^^^^ after KH3 of course...

iamtehpwn3476d ago

In the sense of Kingdom Hearts, They could win me back with KH3 alone. Hell, they could even win me back with a Kingdom Hearts HD collection featuring KH1, 2 and BBS. If they did both, I'd be completely thrilled.

RedDead3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

KH is Awesome

jacksonmichael3476d ago

And bubbles are for people who enjoy happiness.

jacksonmichael3475d ago

For the record, before the edit, his post said, "KH is for kids."

WildStyles3476d ago

Great Article. Kingdom Hearts is so convoluted right now it's crazy. It's like Metal Gear at this point. All these spin offs and side stories are doing more harm than good. Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be so confusing to gamers including myself who only played the first two console games.

Also the fact that it's been damn near seven years and we haven't seen a console version is ridiculous.

TrendyGamers3476d ago

Yeah, its really hard to keep track of who is the nobody of every character.

Grip3475d ago

well with these spin off for DS and PSP, any fan of KH will get confused with KH3 even who play KH 1 and 2

Shang-Long3476d ago

its actucally easy, if you dont want to play just go watch the cut scenes on you tube or go read about it, its free and it catches you up on every things.

if anything go watch the bbs stuff, that's what will explain a lot

xtremexx3476d ago

i agree with Stop Convoluting The Story, i got confused with the game lol

Godmars2903476d ago

I don't think they can win me back as this point. Including vsXIII, I just don't think that they can do a decent or passable JRPG on an HD console.

D3mons0ul3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Look, vsXIII is being developed by Nomura's team. These are not the same people that keep botching up the main titles, repackaging old games and making bad spin offs. These are people who have yet to make a game on an HD console. Give them their fair due, don't write Versus off yet.

that goes for all of you.

Godmars2903475d ago

That and Wada being in charge overall and acting as a poison pill. He dropped a bomb on the XIII dev team as well as fans, and as CEO, hopefully aside from Namura carrying out his threat of quitting, there's nothing stopping him from doing it again.

no_more_heroes3476d ago

Don't even get me started on this, because I wouldn't freaking STOP!


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