New Armored Core 4 HD Images

New Armored Core 4 HD images from the japanese game site Gamewatch.

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UrbanJabroni5853d ago

I usually don't like to bash unreleased games, however, this really does deserve special attention.

This has got to be one of the ugliest video games I have ever seen. Maybe it is an art style that I just don't get, but the washed out look, the jaggies and the bad texturing and bland environments make this look like a PS1 game.

ChickeyCantor5853d ago

hahah its beeen allong time ...but Ps1??????? XD anyway aint bashing at all...i also think this isnt WAOW

Donkey Slayer5853d ago

First CHromehounds, which is horrible and now this that looks slightly better but still crap.

blackmagic5853d ago

this game looks pretty cool

specialguest5853d ago

do you guys realize that screenshots don't do the game justice? when original resolution sized images are optimized, they lose their quality. this is why you see jagginess.

Xtrm L1481L1TY5853d ago

Because these images are 1280 x 720 which are High Def. I've seen smaller images in Standard Def with less jaggies. Looks like a bucket of smashed a$$hole to me.

specialguest5852d ago (Edited 5852d ago )

you're wrong again. even if the image is a large size res.

when shrinking it down using html coding or other languages, the jagginess gets worst. ever seen a large res. image not fully expanded to it's original large size? well, it's ugly looking.

scale down your browser so that the image shrinks a little bit. notice how jagged it looks now.

i rest my case...