The PlayStation Vita Is No Longer a Day One Purchase

Recommending someone to purchase a PlayStation Vita at launch is becoming increasingly difficult.

The Vita will have a surprisingly high initial price, it's going to have countless inevitable redesigns and its memory cards are insanely over priced.

Will it really be worth the entry price on day 1?

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Godmars2903215d ago

Have to agree. the memory cards are backhand price increase.

pangitkqb3214d ago

I was Gonna scream "hit seeker!" but it turned out to be pretty reasonable. I think the title should be altered though to something like "Vita not A Day One Purchase if Money is and issue" or something.

The Article isn't saying it's not a day one purchase universally. It's saying it's best to wait if you are gaming on a budget. Basically, people like me.

Dante1123214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

If you don't want to buy any Memory cards, couldn't you just use your PS3 for your Vita's saves with the recent 4.00 update? Or even the Vita's online cloud saving system?

Edit: @ Starfox

I think the HUGE amount of pirating with the SD cards on the PSP is probably the biggest reason for the new cards.

Controversy3214d ago

Dante's question is good. Anybody have an answer? I have my suspicions this won't be allowed though.

Dante1123214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

@ Controversy

Well according to the official Playstation Site Blog, 4.00 allows...

"It will allow users to copy their digital content such as games, music, photos, and videos between PS Vita and PS3, back up PS Vita game, games including save data to your PS3 hard drive, and update the system software for your PS Vita system using the network features of your PS3."


Also, you won't really need Playstation Plus for cloud saving on the Vita on some games. Most will be free cloud saving enable games.


Controversy3214d ago

@ Dante

Good to know. Thanks for the links my friend.

gamingdroid3214d ago

I thought a memory card is required to hold your profile. Isn't that how the PS Vita keeps track of different profiles?

Coltrane_C3214d ago

You have only have 1 profile per system so that is incorrect

Christopher3214d ago

***You have only have 1 profile per system so that is incorrect***

That was recently debunked.

3214d ago
SuperM3214d ago

It still doesnt cost more then 275$ for Vita + a memory card and thats way cheaper then anyone expected before the price of the hardware was announced.

Memory cards are expensive yes, but overall i still think its a great price and i will support it day one.

The less people that buy Vita at launch the less support it will get later on from developers which is a loss for everyone imo.

MaxXAttaxX3214d ago

And change the title to "...IF MONEY IS AN ISSUE".

People like to compare Vita Memory Cards with the cheaper lower class SD cards available used to store photos and music, not stream video games which require higher performance.

It's not just about capacity, it's also about SPEED.

Also this:

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lelo2play3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

I'll probably get one when PSVita slim gets released. Both memory and console will be much cheaper by then. No rush from my part.

I never get a console on launch. Both my X360 and PS3 were purchased 1-2 years after release.

Controversy3214d ago

That's a good point, lelo. I want a freakin' Vita, but the inevitable redesign, combined with the higher than expected entry price (all things considered),I may have to wait.

CloseSecond3214d ago

I never rush in to buy straight away. Its too risky and if the thing fails to take off you can expect significant price drops and bundle deals mid next year.

sphinct3214d ago

I really want a Vita now, but the points mentioned in the piece are exactly what is keeping me on the fence. A 3G Vita w/one game and 32GB memory card will likely run you around $460. Thats pricey! Ugh...decisions.

gamingdroid3214d ago

Meanwhile a 3DS is now $169 with a $50 Giftcard....

I know it isn't the same, but it might just be enough.

MasterCornholio3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

Depends on what you buy if you pick up a WiFi Vita and a 4GB stick with a game it will cost you 320$. If that is still too much you can pickup a 3DS with a game and a big 32GB flash card for only 250 euros. It's really up to you.

As for me I will get a WiFi vita day one then will buy a big card if the digital copies of a game are a lot cheaper. If not I will just get a 4GB card as well as a game.


mcstorm3214d ago

Gamingdroid i agree with you. I know the psv has the better hardware specs but price has an impact on what people will buy. The 3ds was expensive at 1st but now its lower its selling better i think this will be the same for he psv. Still a few months eft until it is out un europe and usa so alot could change between now and then but i do see sony dropping the price abit like they did with the ps3 not long after it is out as this price for a handheld console will seem expensive to the none gamers and parents.

Dee_913214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

if i wanted DS i would buy a DS
how ever i dont
But I do want a PSV ..
If 460 is too much for you dont get a 32gb card.

Christopher3214d ago

@gamingdroid: That is a huge factor now and you know Nintendo is going to be advertising the heck out of that fact when Vita releases. I thought Sony would have adjusted their pricing a bit downward, just not down to Nintendo's level. I mean, I know Sony needs the profit, but I think in the end they will lose a lot of that in the price comparison, regardless if their tech is better or not.

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pat_11_53215d ago

The whole memory card fiasco has totally made me not want one, at least not at launch.

Ulf3214d ago

Cloud game saves make the memcard an option, not a requirement.

SandWitch3214d ago

then don't buy a memory card -_-

Starfox8113215d ago

I really don't get why it doesn't have any onboard flash memory for games... But if I have the money I'll probably get one. Having played one already they are stupidly fun, and it has a strong launch line up in comparison to other consoles. If transferring my PSP games and saves is simple (and the price is reasonable) then I'd be more than happy to own one from day 1.

frelyler3214d ago

On board would make pirating easier, proprietary is the way to go. Pirating will happen regardless, but this should help fix the "problem" faster. Sony had no choice in this. Why do you think so many developers shied away from the PSP, it's rampant pirating. If Sony did not do this they would not have nearly as many game publishers looking at this thing. The prices do stink, but it's nowhere near as outrageous as M$ and their hard drives, yet no one seems to be mentioning that in the same sentence. Why does M$ and Apple get a free pass when they do this, yet Sony gets bashed. I hate gaming "journalism" and where it has gone.

Starfox8113214d ago

The large part of professional journalists don't care about the PSV prices for the cards, partly because they'll get them for free, but mostly because they know why they are pricey. The real dissatisfaction has come from the amateur press venting about its cost. The PSP was rife with piracy, and that didn't include any on board memory at all, in fact it was the same situation we are in now where you had to buy a separate Memory Stick Pro Duo to go with it. The PSP Go that came with internal memory suffered a lot less piracy.
In terms of MS and Apple, its a different ball game. MS aren't bothering to get into the handhelds, and Apple got there by proxy. Apple is costly because of its design aesthetics and the uses it has, MS HDD cost a pretty penny because they are mechanical devices and thus somewhat costly to build (although not as much as they sell them for). Flash cards however are low cost, low maintenance yet seem to ship for a lot of money (another reason why Apple devices like iPhones and iPod touches, even Airbooks are so costly). I think the problem comes from the fact people don't expect sony to operate in a similar way, although I have no idea why they would think that. The actual cost of a PSV is pretty damn cheap for what you are getting, it's just annoying that as always the US gets it for practically $ for £ meaning that it's about 1/3 more expensive (if not more) to purchase it in the UK. I suppose thats the price you pay for having a stronger economy =/

jetlian3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

psp came with a memory stick. And no matter how sony makes the memory its gonna get a chinese version soon after.

Sony should put onboard memory with no outside connectors making it pretty are to place anything into the system

Titanz3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

They'll be losing money on their Vita hardware for 3 years, so they need to balanced out their profit margin. Considering the price - gamers can buy a PS3 if they wanted to, though I guess they're trying to advertise Vita to the tech savvy crowd.

madjedi3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

Right bad sony and when nintendo makes a healthy profit from day by selling old hardware at a premium price point it's perfectly acceptable.

I would rather have new quality hardware for a reasonable price than slightly more powerful than psp hardware that was outdated yrs ago at a unreasonable price.

At least when sony launches a new generation of devices, they are worthy of the description a next generation devices. Nintendo views marginal upgrades as good enough, which was fine 5 yrs ago but looks dated today.

-GametimeUK-3215d ago

I have always been a person who gets things at launch. PSP, GBA and the DS. I regretted all of them. The PSP just didn't interest me, the GBA was cool, but the re-vamped version totally blew my original out of the water and my DS phat is awful in comparison to my Lite (which I am VERY happy with.

I also upgraded to the PSP 3000 and enjoyed it. Not only was it a better machine, but the library was much improved with games like God of War.

I simly refuse to be an early adopter anymore and that will also go for home consoles. I have began to appreciate my money and the things I have a lot more these past recent years. I think the pro's in waiting for a new console to be dropped in price / remodel far outweigh the cons. First hand experience.

I currently don't own a 3DS and it is killing me not being able to play Mario Kart, Mario Land, Zelda etc, but in the end it will be worth it.

Same applies for PSVita. Just going to wait this one out :-D

DarkBlood3214d ago

though i really want this badly and unless i won the lottery or something im going to wait it out as well at least till something gets cheaper within a year be that the 32 gb mem card or a temporary sale price drop

or theres always tax season but i might use that for the wiiu instead

LettingGo3214d ago


Should've bought Twisted Metal at launch. :)