Leaked STALKER 2 screenshots and artworks, game is officially canceled, GSC GameWorld is closing

DSOGaming writes: "All hell has broken loose today as there was a rumor that – according to UkraNews – GSC GameWorld would be closing its doors. And sadly, it has been confirmed. Yeap, GSC GameWorld is no more guys. Moreoever, there was a major leak of STALKER 2 artworks and screenshots just a few hours ago. Now frankly, we don’t know if this leak was intentional – as a means to calm the game's fans down – but we do know that STALKER 2 looked promising. What a shame!"


Post was updated with new info: GSC is officially closed and STALKER 2 is put on hold indefinitely

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noxeven2503d ago

I agree i need more info

Winter47th2502d ago

That's what you get from making your games exclusively on a platform that's DOMINATED by piracy. Sad day, but

john22503d ago

@noxeven: Bourkovski confirmed the game's cancellation :(

noxeven2503d ago

Damn this sucks. hopefully someone picks it up or someone leaks all the stuff they had done so far

Micro_Sony2503d ago


Whats the point of living now.

ATi_Elite2503d ago

This reason for closure and cancellation just doesn't make any sense.

They are making a STALKER TV show and Movie so the MONEY is there.

the STALKER game sold over 4 million copies. The Books sold over 5 million copies. They made 3 PC exclusives and made a nice bundle of money on each STALKER game.

Now all of a sudden they are making a console version and run into cash problems? THQ would gladly publish the game cause they have worked with Ukrainian Devs teams before like 4A Games or and CD Project Red (The Witcher 2) would happily help their Eastern Europeans Brothers with the publishing.

STALKER has sold more games than Metro 2033 and The Witcher PLUS GSC has Cossacks and few other good selling games so i DO NOT understand the issues here with money unless someone has just raped the company.

I know I'm STALKER fanboy number 1 and may just be in denial but i still think this is just a rumor or a restructuring like did when they said they closed down but re-opened back up.

Still no official announcement from Sergi or Oleg!

caboose322503d ago

Yea, there is something fishy about this. It just doesnt make sense to close down this far in development. Why would they of even started a project of this magnitude if money was that short?

fireplace2502d ago and CD Project Red, those two are POLISH.

Johandevries2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Thanks for your two cents ATIelite, I remember your comments on this site on STALKER threads as the best there have ever been

Anyway, I suppose something has INDEED raped the company. I dont like conspiracy theories but maybe they have had problems with the government, like the text in Ukrianian suggests

ATi_Elite2503d ago

All day long no official comment from Sergei or Oleg (Ceo and PR man for GSC) but now word comes that GSC is moving to a new building.

Hence GSC closes it's doors.

Still nothing official but I hoping this is just a PR stunt as GSC moves to it's new offices.

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RyuDrinksTheDew2503d ago

gotta love the gaming industry.

creative games like this die off, while others keep doing the same thing year after year and get millions of dollars in revenue.

something needs to change...

john22503d ago

My thoughts exactly. Surely STALKER was buggy as hell but it was unique, had amazing atmosphere, had a high scope and offered something original to the gaming industry. It's just... sad :(

RedDead2503d ago

Proof there is no God. This is balls. I hope they can finish it and get the money they deserve for it. I liked that they were going multiplat because I think it really deserves alot of sales. SoC is one of my favorites games this gen

mynameisEvil2503d ago

I hope this was a joke. Because not enough people bought a game, there's no God? The world ain't perfect, simple as that. God shouldn't have to babysit us,especially a game developer. Kinda defeats the purpose of us being here.

And you LIKED that they were going multiplat? What in the hell...?

KillerPwned2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )


M1chl2503d ago

How could this happend?? This is most shocking game news since the closure of Bizzare Creations. World, I am really dissapointed, for letting this type of things happen : (

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