Play console quality games directly in Chrome browser, thanks to Google's "native client" tech

Google has released a new bit of technology, dubbed "native client" the technology allows for the Chrome browser to use your actual system hardware to deliver high quality games directly through your Chrome browser.

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Bleucrunch2532d ago

hmmm I don't know about this...we gamers...I mean real gamers probably wouldn't think to highly of I don't see it going anywhere...I guess it would depend on what they classify as "high quality" such a vague word it could really go anywhere.

fluffydelusions2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

They already have some companies working on games for it like Square Enix...We'll see I guess though.

NYC_Gamer2532d ago

i'll play a game on google long as it's a quality title....

Army_of_Darkness2532d ago

Lmao! I highly doubt it... Maybe games like body count, modern combat or those F1 racing games I could see on there...

fluffydelusions2532d ago


Well if Google wants some high quality game(s) they sure have the finances to back it...

Stapler2532d ago

Native-client basicly enables C++ games to be run in the browser.

There's already Bastion which I would say is pretty high quality.

gamingdroid2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

Ugh... isn't this a security problem?

I remember that is the reason we don't have a 3D browser plugin, because patching security holes lies with the 3D graphics card vendor.

Bleucrunch2532d ago

I assume this is free because I am not paying for no Browser games...they can go head with that!

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BattleTorn2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

This is embarrassing for Sony/MS...

We now have OnLive putting console games on phones, and tablets.

Announce Next-Gen already.

During last gen the mantra was "once PC can emulate" (current console games)....

Now we have PHONES! doing it, and no word on Next-Gen


CynicalVision2532d ago

How is it embarrassing exactly? Onlive has no exclusives that can match what's available on the PS3 and the 360. Onlive is a decent enough service, but embarrassing for Sony/Microsoft? Hardly.

kevnb2532d ago

im not very impressed with what sony and microsoft put out. Its mostly all hype and marketing.

BattleTorn2532d ago

ok. fine. Embarrassing is a bit of an exaggeration.

(I just really want to send them hundreds of my dollars for new hardware)

Army_of_Darkness2532d ago

glad I stuck with consoles, preferably ps3 and dang, I'm surprised how so many dudes over 25 years game on them as well:D
Its practically a toy for adults.

piroh2532d ago

Onlive is more like PCs, no eclusives just a bunch of multiplats in poor quality

fluffydelusions2532d ago

PC has no exclusives...WTF?? Here's some big recent ones I'm sure you have heard of...

Starcraft 2 (All 3 versions)
Guild Wars 2
Diablo 3 (Still PC only as of now)

Just to name some...

Titanz2532d ago

The majority of Microsoft's and Sony's software profits, stems from third party software (Call of Duty, Batman:AA, Skyrim, Battlefield,etc.). Their 1st/2nd party software IP's sell great, but the bulk of their software profits comes from third party software. Sooner or later, consoles will be phased out of the gaming equation.

Hicken2530d ago

The bulk of their software SALES may come from 3rd party games, but profits? What do they make more money off a copy of? Call of Duty, or Uncharted?

Bleucrunch2532d ago

OnLive...(scoffs) Please man call me when you are speaking about something that is worth mentioning....OnLive...wasn 9;t that....ahh never mind its not important! LOL

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kevnb2532d ago

i want better than console quality.

meetajhu2532d ago

Its not browser rendering the graphics. its a separate app running and uses the browser's display as extension to display the app. Still Chrome is not upto the standard to run natively within the browser like this


GraveLord2532d ago

As long as the games are free this is a good idea.
I don't think anyone would purchase games from Chrome.