Images of Call of Duty 3

Activision releases some new X360 and PS3 images of COD 3.

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clayton5854d ago

I figured they would look the same, I don't know if I want this game just for extra smoke and a little better AI.

Dusk5854d ago

Yeah, they look identical for either system and more or less the same as COD2 (360). However, this may not be a bad thing because I really enjoy COD2.

JIN KAZAMA 1875854d ago

wont sell that much on the PS3. This is a tired, played out, WW2 game. Resistance:Fall Of Man is the FPS to get for the PS3. It looks much better, much better story, better weapons. I'll pick RFOM over this anyday.

BadTaste5854d ago

Pfft the weapons in RFoM look like junk and the story stinks imo.

5854d ago
TheMART5854d ago

Resistance is only COD3 with aliens added but the graphics are less.

So Jin I think Resistance is nice but doesn't top a franchise like this.

Gears of War does on the other hand, because it takes the first person shooter to more tactical and duck/shoot positions. That will be a completely different game. Resistance is just the one of many straight shooters there already are enough from

clayton5854d ago

Looks like utter crap, COD 2 looks better. Gears blows it away, Mass Effect blows it away. Another brainwashed playstation fanboy. And no I am not a XBox 360 fanboy I like both nintendo and microsofts consoles.

dantesparda5854d ago (Edited 5854d ago )

Well you sound kind of rabid to me. Im a 360 owner (and waited overnight for it) and think that Resistance looks good, very good

Dusk5854d ago

why you Sony fanboys are all over Resistance. It doesn't look that good. I'm not saying the PS3 isn't going to have good games, but Resistance just doesn't stand out. It really doesn't make the PS3 look all that intriguing when Resistance is the game you fanboys are using as the flagship launch title. It's kind of sad, really. Just wait until some quality games come out for the PS3 and use those.

Resistance looks to be struggling to keep up with COD2, a 360 launch title of a year ago. True, COD3 looks about the same as COD2 as well, but no one is saying this game is a flagship title for either system. If you fanboys want to wave around a game as proof of your console choice, pick something that actually competes with the best the other console has to offer. Picking a game that is struggling to keep up with games of a year ago makes the PS3 look like it has already been passed up. I'm sure a PS3 game will come out soon to rival 360 games, just wait for that.

5854d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.