Warner Bros. UMD Sales Explode in Japan

The UMD suddenly becomes popular, but why ?

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specialguest5856d ago

i own a PSP, but never bought a single UMD movie because i thought it was over priced. i guess that's where they messed up on, the price. if UMD movies were $10 or less, of course it'll sell like nothing.

kingboy5856d ago

the real problem is bacuase u can only play them on a psp and which really limits it`s usage.

UrbanJabroni5856d ago

The title is somewhat misleading, if we read the article we can see the editor note that Warner may very well be clearing their stock and in the conclusion the author states:

"But, as already said, it’s hard to see that such retail re-evaluations are likely to come into force beyond short term sale prices—which may well mean the end for UMD movies."

I really do like my PSP, but I despise UMDs.

BIadestarX5856d ago

It does not take a genius to know; it didn't sell because it was too expensive. Now that they are priced based on their value; people will buy it. The question is whether is profitable or not for the industry at that price. If not; this news will not save UMD.

NextGen24Gamer5856d ago

Same things apply to blu ray. You have to have an HD TV...Preferrably enjoy a blu ray movie....which is priced 10 to 20 dollars over the price of Standard DVD's. Thats not going to fly well with your "Walmart Generation Consumer". I see the same thing happening with Blu ray. Millions will buy the ps3. And if you were to take a poll on how many of those millions buy blu ray movies to watch on their standard televisions or 720p would be such a small amount it won't even show up on the radar. And Sony is way off base to assume it will help boost blu ray movies sales. They thought the same thing about all there other Failed formats. And I'm not bashing the ps3's choice of format...I'm just being honest and realistic about it. We live in the real world. Where people really don't have 1080p tvs by an large and where people really don't have extra money to blow on the average. Think about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.