MLG Gift Guide: 5 Multiplayer Shooters to Put on Your List

These 5 mulitplayer shooters will help you snipe names of your holiday gift list.

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grifter0242530d ago

Wow goes to show you how desperate MLG is right now outside of SC2.

The list is horrible not to mention redundant since they just name new releases.

Gears3/BF3/MW3 are new releases that almost everyone should by now or are probably already getting so I don't know why they are on the list.

Crysis 2 is already past hte point of no return for new players, the people that have played up till now have such a huge advantage over the beginners that I can see them getting frustrated way to fast.

Goldeneye..well I'm not going to say anything about that.

The only thing keeping MLG afloat right now seems to be SC2, Reach has been if not already been bled dry of the community and SF4 isn't something that lots of people can pick up and play very fast.