PS4 + Black Ops 2?? | ATGS

On this weeks show: Black ops 2, Ps4 and vita impressions.

This is an episode of Ask TheGamerSheep, the show gamersheep answers gaming and random questions every thursday.

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GodHandDee3600d ago

"the games are priced similarly to ps3 games"

maybe I should do this job, at least I will know wtf I'm talking about

floetry1013600d ago

I took one look at the cheesy PS4 concept art, lol'd, and proceeded not to watch the video.

flyinrhyno3600d ago

soon as he said inferior ward i stopped, and besides hes just speculating does not have any secret information, "he thinks it will be black ops 2" lmao please stop posting stuff like this, its just a waste of time


the next cod is vietnam and they need to stop with the ps4 stuff! Is not coming until 2014

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