Culdcept Saga demo added to Xbox Live Marketplace

From the article: "Culdcept was one of the greatest underappreciated games the PlayStation 2 had to offer. It was a bizarre mashup of Monopoly's property buying and Magic: The Gathering's monster battling with cards. It's really a game who have to experience for yourself to truly get a feel for.

Because of that, Xbox 360 owners are in luck today as a demo of the sequel, Culdcept Saga, is now up on the Xbox Live Marketplace. "

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Rice4985d ago

Buhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ .......47

mighty_douche4985d ago

unless you have a silver account : (

Saint Sony4985d ago

You can download demos and arcade games even with silver account. It is the online playing thing you have to pay for,but I assume this game is online game.

Bladestar4985d ago (Edited 4985d ago )

Unless you have a PSN account.

@mighty_douche - yeah... I saw that article... lol.. Silver accounts will have to wait 1 week...

Did you read this article [blank url] about when PSN accounts will have access to this demo? LOL.

BloodySinner4985d ago

You say that as if Silver members can't access the content.

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greenenvy4985d ago

can't wait for this baby!!!!!!!!!


bring it stateside, with all the downloads to match and we'll buy it!!!!

BloodySinner4985d ago

I never even heard of this game.

OC_MurphysLaw4984d ago

First off...if you like Card should like it. If you like will fall asleep.

Honestly this game really does play like a cross between Pokemon and Monopoly. I can't say i hate it...but i wasn't over whelmed either. Its PS2 graphics ...and well a PS2 game really on the 360. It was disappointing to see the dev couldn't have made more effort graphically as this game screams last gen graphics. I could see this being more fun online against someone..but probably a pass for me.

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