Wii European bundle contents

Here's what Nintendo's promising in the European Wii bundle:

Wii Console (white)

Wii Remote with strap


Wii AC Adapter

Wii Stereo AV Cable

Wii Stand

Wii Stand Plate

Wii Sensor Bar

Sensor Bar Stand

AA Battery

Wii Sports game (baseball, tennis, bowling, boxing, golf)

Accessories will also be available:

Wii Remote - EUR 39 / GBP 29

Nunchuk - EUR 19 / GBP 14

Classic Controller - EUR 19 / GBP 14

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ChickeyCantor5865d ago

in the netherlands we pay 328.175 USD ( if you calculate 250 euros to dollars)

you ppl should stop bit%$#@% about it really

Lostboy5864d ago

PLEASE say Europe gets more available colours than