New Unreal Tournament 3 Gameplay (PS3)

Gametrailers has had a media blowout on UT3 for PS3. Check it.


Update: Gt has removed the videos from their site. Check back later to see if they return.

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SeanScythe4992d ago

sweet wish we could find out about splitscreen online or offline.

jiggyjay4992d ago (Edited 4992d ago )

We all know that the PS3 won't be able to handle it.. That's the reason why Motorstorm didn't have splitscreen.. reason why you still can't access your XMB and Play your own music while playing a game.. PS3 doesn't have enough RAM reason why you still can't do things that is basic on the 360.. Even the original xbox you were able to play your own music!

L I M I T E D B 3 Y O N D

Marine- Thanks.. I know the truth hurts doesn't it?

Oh and I forgot to say.. Sure is a lot of shooter on this console!

marinelife94992d ago

We're all glad you got everything you needed to say off your chest in that one post.

gamesblow4992d ago

Vaan, the game boots up in 1080P just fine. All you have to do is disable your 720P and 1080I rez's. It's a much more fluid experience this way, believe me. 720P sets refresh rate aren't near that of a 1080P set and the restraints aren't there, I don't believe.

As for the game and changes... Characters die in 3 hits, 1 hit in the head...

gamesblow4992d ago (Edited 4992d ago )

double post*

Ju4992d ago

@jiggay or whatever, no the PS3 can't handle that, no ? Not like Warhawk wouldn't be able to handle 4 player splitscreen and 32 player online lag free, right ? But, yeah, no, PS3 can't handle that...(not that I expect you to answer :)

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Vip3r4992d ago

The games looks and plays smooth and no screentearing in sight.

vaan4992d ago (Edited 4992d ago )

I can't deal with tearing. IMO to pay 60 bucks and get screen tearing is daylight robbery. That's why I'm not getting uncharted.
I want a polished, finished product. UT3 looks sweet. I'm already p1ss bored with COD4, especially when cowardly hosts quit out in the middle of a game. I also hate that XBOX Live style peer to peer 'we choose who, and where you play' crap on COD4 too.

solar4992d ago

wow man, Uncharted was great. your missing out. at least go rent it and expirence how great it is :D

gamesblow4992d ago (Edited 4992d ago )

Maybe it's just me and my set up, but uncharted had maybe 3 instances of screen tearing where I noticed it. you're buying into too much naysaying if you believe the screen tearing is that bad. I played Uncharted 1st time thru on my 1080P bravia and experienced litterally 3 to 4 times of "noticble" screen tearing. I'm currently playing on a 1080P ambilight and, again, no screen tearing that is noticble.

Set the game to 1080P and disable your other functions if you have a 1080P set... As I said, it's beautiful and doesn't seem to be a problem on my end.

allatain4992d ago

Please play uncharted before you say it is not finish, if you said Heavenly Sword look unfinish, I can grant you a little leeway but, If you haven't even Played Uncharted, as a PS3 owner, Your one sadd little puppy

vaan4992d ago

It just bums me out when I see tearing, especialy in big budget titles.
Oh, and gamesblow, I have a 50" 1080p bravia. But I thought this game was 720p?
A question too. although the graphics were amazing,is the full game any different from the demo I have? Because to be honest the demo is kind of annoying, especially how long it takes to kill an enemy.
Don't get me wrong, it blew me away, I'm just a little wary.

solar4992d ago

what difficulty were you playing at? i played the game thru on hard and the enemies did take a number of bullets before going down. a well placed shot to the head took them down quick, and sometimes not. i know sometimes not because i shot a guy in the head, an achievement for "100 headshots" came up and the guy was still alive. makes the game challenging. but hell i dont mind dying.

Panthers4992d ago

you really are missing out on Uncharted. The screen tearing or whatever is hardly a problem.

Ju4992d ago

...and to add: the tearing never happens in an action scenes, but in lush environments, IMO, so no real effect while you play the game. At least that's as far as my experience goes.

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GIJeff4992d ago

that actually looks really good. and really fast. as fast as i would want on a console game. Goodbye halo! :)

PS. ive always thought UT to be better than that pos anyways.

Evil0Angel4992d ago

the game look palne and lame....what happened to Unreal Tourment ?

the graphic look like it has been done in xbox1.gameplay is sooooooooooo lame and slow.

check the remaining video's in GT.

few days ago i heard Rain talkin about how superior the graphic in UT3 are over GEARS but all i can say (it hardly keep up with DOOM3 in XBOX1)

rofldings4992d ago (Edited 4992d ago )

GT has always been known for putting up low quality video recordings for the PS3; try to make it look as bad as possible.

solar4992d ago

its been since the first UT since ive played a UT game. watching the video and hearing the music brought back a lot of fun memories. only a week to go before i run you all over :D

speed_demon4992d ago

This is going to be a wonderful festive holiday for all PS3 owners.

Happy Holidays

solar4992d ago

hey man happy holidays to you to :D ill be with ya on picking it up on the release date. i was happy to learn they nerfed the flak cannon some and upped the railgun a tad. i loved the railgun in UT but man it was way to under powered.

TwissT4992d ago (Edited 4992d ago )

(nostalgia is the good feeling when looking back at things) Yea I too only played the original Ut it was so awsome espectially the Flak cannon, and you will also be seeing me get this. Chirstmas though not on release date =/

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