Xbox 360 Becomes PS3 Beating Media Hub

The several months-late Xbox 360 autumn Dashboard update is now live, and with DivX codec support also being added, the Xbox 360 console can now claim to be the one of the strongest media hubs on the market. That puts it out in front of Sony's PlayStation 3, which has yet to receive DivX support or a full-blown video-on-demand service.

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PS3 Limps on and on4981d ago (Edited 4981d ago )

You guys didn't care about the movies?

If 360 had Blu ray they would be all Blu ray is the sh*ts...

in the future consoles will be an all in one media hub. Instead of saying gamers don't care about movies.

Vip3r4981d ago

Once again the fanboys have contradicted themselves. Too bad this won't last long seeing that the PS3 is getting a similar update soon.

Texas GMR4981d ago (Edited 4981d ago )

I could care less. Keep the hit games come'n!

C_SoL4981d ago

They get DivX support & they think their 360 is a ultimate media hub.....nope sorry, actually the PS3 is more open meaning that the PS3 is more of a media hub cause the software in the PS3 is not as restricted. It's just that type of software hasn't been implemented in to the PS3. Other thing, it's funny that once Playstation announces DivX support for the PS3, then Mircosoft jumps right on it...

spec_ops_comm4981d ago (Edited 4981d ago )

What this article's author fails to mention is that the PS3 has been able to play all downloaded videos since launch.

Any PS3 owner who knows anything about watching downloaded videos on their PS3 knows that a delightful little freeware program called PS3 Video 9 will do everything that the 360 can finally do TODAY without requiring a DivX update.

This DivX update simply makes it easier for 360 users to watch their own videos. It doesn't mean that PS3 owners can't watch DivX videos already; we can, and we do.

PS3PCFTW4980d ago (Edited 4980d ago )

haha........took the words right out of my mouth.+bubbles 1.0,1.1,1.3,1.4.

even still......... lets see them watch movies for 3 hours then play games on it, then leave it on overnight......FOR DAYS, without it rroding.


Bladestar4980d ago

It's about the games... I would be pissed if the xbox 360 didn't have the best games available today compared to the PS3 but it does... extra stuff like the xbox 360 "being the one of the strongest media hubs on the market" is a plus.. besides I love being able to rub it on your Sony fanboys @$$e$ too... mmmmm.. ahhhh.. it feels good! real.. real good! WHO! WHO! your daddy!

"Playstation announces DivX support for the PS3, then Mircosoft jumps right on it..." OK... laddies and Gents.. we have a winner... this one is the dumbest Sony fanboy on this site... Sony announced support to DivX on Nov 13th 2007... what do you think this is? Do you think it takes only 2-3 days to implement something like this? You are obviously too ignorant to know how software development works.. and how long it takes to integrate something like this...
Are you saying it took microsoft less than 2 weeks to run and add DivX just because Sony said so? it sound more like Sony knew Microsoft was going to release this... and announced they were going to support it too... Damage control suckers... they probably havent even start working on DivX yet... How come is not out yet? Just like when they announced Home... Where is it? Sony is the kind of company that... when they learn that another company is going to do something they make an annoucement like "PS3 to have DivX"... Who's copying who?... if Microsoft copied Sony about DivX... how come Microsoft released it first? Shouldn't work the other way around? How weird.. Sony announced this.. 2 weeks before microsoft actually release it.. and they don't have $h!t on the PS3 yet...

PS3PCFTW4980d ago (Edited 4980d ago )

^^^ HAA everytime i read your peasant attempt at making a point I LAUGH SO HARD.


Sez 4980d ago (Edited 4980d ago )

i agree with you on your post. i remember MS announced this at the begining of the summer. now they are finally delivering on that promise.

WilliamRLBaker4980d ago

sooo....i have to go download a program to do what the 360 naturally does now?.......ok....
thats no better then having to download an update which i had and will have to do on the ps3....weird...

spec_ops_comm4980d ago

I agree - having to download a program is just as bad as having to download an update.

But, the point is that PS3's ability to play DivX has been around since it's launch - you just had to be a little tech-savvy to know how to take full advantage of it.

Unfortunately, this program won't make a lick of difference for the 360 - MS locked the 360's harddrive so that it can only play vids from the marketplace. IMO, that's just a cheap tactic to monopolize the video content playable on your console; squeeze out a few more bucks out of their consumers who already have to pay $50/year more than the 'other' console owners.

To summarize: It took 2 years for this 360 DivX update so that 360 owners could finally play their movies. The PS3 and it's unlocked harddrive could play dl'd movies from the get-go.

mark094980d ago

"besides I love being able to rub it on your Sony fanboys @$$e$ too... mmmmm.. ahhhh.. it feels good! real.. real good! WHO! WHO! your daddy!"

wow... juts amazing how unbelievably pointless some peoples lives are.

Pothead214980d ago

You can't just go around saying everyone is anti-Sony/anti-PS3 when they say something bad about your console. Now I agree that not everyone is going to be fair, and some will put a spin on a story based on their personal bias, But every where I've seen a story on the PS3 that doesn't claim it to be God himself, there is always someone claiming bias.

Every console has it's bad points, but we're not going to get anywhere by picking favorites and blindly dismissing anything from a different system.

sanderFVCKINcohen4980d ago

FVCK this console sh!t. Help America bring the Constitution back!!!

"Im the Champion of the Constitution"
-Ron Paul 2008

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riqued4981d ago

They can't get a high definition driver only using firmware update, so I guess the PS3 is still better in this aspect.

jwatt4980d ago (Edited 4980d ago )

It's good to be able to watch youtube on your ps3 too.

TruthbeTold4980d ago

You can watch Youtube on a Wii.

MrWonderful4981d ago

didnt sony say they were getting DivX first? oh well the ps3 is still the ultimate media hub. 7.1 True Dolby Surrond.

Honeal2g4980d ago

i mean software sales tell's u that everymonth ...its a good an bad thing....cause blu-ray sales are on the rise but ps3 game sales suck A$$... they have some stellar games R&C, Uncharted, but they dont sell enough to make profit (i am ofcourse speculating but a little common sense would tell u its expensive to make these insane looking games)

WilliamRLBaker4980d ago (Edited 4980d ago )

and how many users can take advantage of that? 2.....

need an 7.1 surround sound system, need to encode that stuff in 7.1 (and more stuff on the net isn't encoded in it) hmmmmm

dhammalama4980d ago

Why the hell would you bash something for being better? I mean, it's not confined to 7.1, it can 5.1, stereo, even mono, but the option is there.

MajorgamerQc4981d ago

Sigh another website using a flamebait title to have some attention.

jackdoe4981d ago

Er, I didn't know Divx was the end all media format.

jaja14344980d ago

Have you not downloaded something off the internet before? Its all either mpeg/Xvid/Divx. Every now and then you'll get that jerk who wants to do a Real player file, but its usually one of the afore mentioned 3.

But all I care is that I can watch my anime on my 32 inch TV instead of my 14inch computer, which is always nice.