PC racing fans, get ready; GTR3 has been revealed, teaser website is now live

DSOGaming writes: "And here comes some great news for all GTR fans out there. GTR3's teaser site is now live and features some audio footage from the game itself. Yeap, you read that right. GTR3 is in development as we speak. According to the developers, the audio sample is actually in-game and there is no doubt that it sounds great. It’s really surprising that Simbin has chosen this silent approach instead of making an official announcement about GTR3′s development."

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360ICE2919d ago

I'm sure the five PC racing fans will be pleased.

ExitToExisT2919d ago

You are going to get a lot of disagrees for being a troll.

360ICE2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Gee thanks. I just think they will be pleased is all :P
Also, I think the right thing to do if this indeed is trolling is bubble down. Or learn to take a joke.

360ICE2919d ago

You were right! Now I've even got five of them! You're all here! Haha, ok I'm just gonna stop before I end up without an account.

Letros2919d ago

Why you so mad? Can't find an actual sim racer on your lunchbox?

Tommykrem2919d ago

He doesn't seem all that mad :/

Anyway, the teaser site was pretty cool. Raw engine sounds, black and white background, it's all very slick. I've yet to find a racing sim that's as classy as GT in terms of presentation. I know most people consider DiRT's presentation to be better, but I prefer the classy GT piano music and classy menus and this looks like something down the lines of Gran Turismo.

The first impression I got was very good, would probably be the main theme of what I'm trying to say here.

iamgoatman2919d ago


I really couldn't give a damn what the menus look like, as long as the physics are up to par it can be bright pink for all I care.

But if we're talking console "sims" here, the last 2 Forza games have had some pretty sleek interfaces, minus the annoying music of course, easily as nice to use as GT's, but in the end who really cares? In a racing game I plan to spend as little time as possible in the menus!

Tommykrem2918d ago

Yes, this website certainly made a statement regarding the game's physics. Personally, I care a lot about presentation and either if you want it or not the menus set the stage for all the races.