Duke Nukem Forever Is Currently $4.99 at Best Buy, Time To Pick It Up?

GamerFitNation writes: "In the current world of online sales and this of course being the Christmas holiday season, games being on sale have become the norm. Your favorite titles have been on sale like Batman, Uncharted, and Skyrim. Now, in a recent turn of events it seems that Duke Nukem Forever has gotten this treatment as it is currently retailing for $4.99 on Best Buy’s online website."

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360ICE2919d ago

No. It's duke nukem forever. Time is also worth something

SolidGear32919d ago

More time with the Duke is always worth it.

360ICE2919d ago

I think this game has gone great lengths to prove otherwise.

burgerman2919d ago

Shouldn't they be paying me?

DasTier2919d ago

If you've not played it then yes It is an average (Not terrible) game that will last you longer than the short COD or BF3 campaigns, but with all the AAA titles hitting stores over the last month or so, most people wont have the time to play it.

(However, It is kind of sickening how I bought this like 6 months ago for over x12 this price).

decrypt2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Agreed lol, I would still be debating to buy the game at this price even if i didnt have anything else to play.

With so many games on my plate at the moment, i think i would be wasting my time with this one. Its just another shooter of which we have had a dozen recently.

Games currently on my list: TF2, BF3, Dota, Warcraft 3, Batman AC, Vegas NV, L4D2, Witcher 2, Shogun 2. Between all that no space for Lolnukem.

Agent_hitman2919d ago

this game is a major disappointment

SolidGear32919d ago

I spent $64 on this and was a member of the first access club. It's in my Top 10 of 2011. Saying that I love it would be an understatement.

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