Ninja Gaiden 3 confirmed for March 2012

Team Ninja, the developer behind the latest third person brawler Ninja Gaiden 3 has made some new announcement regarding launch window of the game. Team Ninja confirmed that Ninja Gaiden 3 will launch in March 2012 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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CaptainN2926d ago

So now that I tried seeing what an idiot is like by saying first, now I can go back to my normal self and try to come up with an educated comment.I personally believe that since the WiiU version will be coming out so much later it would be so much smarter to make a Ninja Gaiden compilation in HD for WiiU with all three games in one package. That way long time Nintendo fans who never had the opportunity to play the other 2 because they were never made for Gamecube/Wii will finally be able to play them and not be thrown into the third part of a story,plus it would give people the incentive to get the third game a little later then running out to buy the other versions in March. Giving WiiU owners the whole collection in HD at launch would deffintely be a good reason to wait.

princejb1342926d ago

i like your idea but the only problem is will nintendo fans buy it.
its already been proven third party hardcore games dont sell well on the nintendo platform, but who knows if history will repeat itself with the wii u

CaptainN2926d ago

Nintendo fans are always thrown into a story but never really get the whole thing or have 2 wait a generation later to get it, so I understand why. Nintendo fans only got Resident Evil 2 on N64 but never got any others from Playstation 1. Then on Gamecube they got them all. Metal gear solid was never on N64 and then we got Twin snakes a remake of part 1. Then they never seen another MG again up until the 3DS which is a remade version, but as they announce that they republish it in HD on home consoles. When was the last time we seen a real Street Fighter on a Nintendo system, just spinoffs and barely even those. Never has a Marvel vs Capcom game been on any Nintendo console. Same goes for GTA. All Nintendo got was a Game Boy and Ds version. This is why Nintendo fans don't buy 3rd party games whden they do get them, there is no fanbase built on Nintendo harware. Its sparatic, last gen games that make it over or games that are spinoffs with no marketing behind them. When Nintendo is thrown a bone with games like No More Heros, Madworld, Conduit etc......there is no marketing for these games. I never seen a Wii commercial for any of them, so how does the general public know about them? If your not a core gamer who goes on websites or reads magazines how would you know they exist? 3rd parties have to do more on Nintendo platforms not just cut and paste like they do on other platforms. You have to win the Nintendo audience over. Give them a reason if they have all the systems to want it on Nintendo!

princejb1342925d ago

dude the marketing is there, when madworld came out i saw thousands of marketing here in nyc
and maybe the reason we only saw 1 of those games on nintendo platform is because they didnt sell wel
why make a specific product for a console if its not gonna sell right
its a business they want a profit
they have street fighter 4 on the 3ds
there are actually pretty good third party games on nintendo console but the public just dont want them

Andreas-Sword2926d ago

Ninja Gaiden 3 is a must have game for all hack and slash fans!

GameOn2919d ago

Not for me and I loved all the other Gaidens.

Ness-Psi2926d ago

I cant wait to see the Wii U version.