The Last of Us - Screenshot Analysis and Conjecture

With only a few days to go until an official reveal, tongues are already wagging after Sony released a few screenshots of the mysterious PS3 exclusive, The Last of Us.

One of the screenshots shows a lot without giving too much away: it shows a newspaper inside a heavily battered case, revealing a few little tidbits about what the game might actually be about. dissects the image and puts forth a number of possible scenarios.

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colonel1792923d ago

Why does everyone tries to figure out what it is when there are 2 days left to wait. Can't people wait anymore? Does everyone NEED to know before they announce something? Does everything need to be leaked this days?

SOD_Delta2923d ago

people like to speculate.

NewMonday2923d ago

I have a feeling it's the new QD game

kneon2923d ago

The fact that there are so many people analyzing every shred of info for a game we know almost nothing about is amazing to me. Sony have hit a home run on the marketing for this game, and it took very little to do it. In fact doing very little is what made it successful.

But with everyone getting so hyped up about it I hope it's not a let down when we find out what it really is.

Tapioca Cold2923d ago

What can it mean? What can it mean? Everyone is infected./s

Gee, i wonder.

Once again people are on the hype train about all the ps3 news. Hyping shit to extremes. In 5 days you'll all be on here complaining that it wasn't such-in-such or something else.


jeeves862923d ago

They forgot to mention the date at the top. Monday, February - illegible.

CynicalVision2923d ago

I really hope it's not zombies, it's been done to death now...pun intended.