Get Your Xbox Avatar on a T-Shirt or Mug

The Great Gaming Crusade: "So a while back, one could get their own little figure/statue of their Xbox avatar thanks to FigurePrints. It costs you only $49.99 to have a virtual version of you be very, very real, but still not a live being. Hey, at least you can call it a mini-me."

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DasTier2921d ago

It's a cool Idea but I always end up changing my guys clothes every few weeks :(

Micro_Sony2921d ago

They should do one with your gamer card.

I would love a Tshirt that has my gamer tag and achivements with my bio quate on the back.

nCiTy2921d ago

With these past updates to Xbox Live my avatar keeps getting skinnier and skinnier. I dont mess with my avatar much am I suppose to be feeding em or something xD