OnLive Brings Console-Class Games to Tablets & Phones: Gives Away a FREE Game

OnLive Brings Console-Class Games to Tablets & Phones: Gives Away a FREE Game. Touch Controls begin rolling out now, the OnLive wireless controller goes on sale in the US and UK soon. The Android/iOS apps should be available shortly.

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saladthieves2919d ago

"...Gives away a FREE Game"

Still doesn't beat having the game in my hands, let alone on my hard drive...but in the cloud??

Heartnet2919d ago

U can lose the physical copy or it could get scratched and damge rendering it useles... Cloud ftw ;)

MerkinMax2919d ago

I could lose Internet access, cloud FTL. :P

Baka-akaB2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

that reply doesnt even make sense , you could also easily break or lose the tablet/phone

Heartnet2919d ago

@Baka but the games remain :) as they are linked to your account and not ur phone i suspect :)..

@Slt... get a better internet connection ;)

Fishy Fingers2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Ha, perhaps not, it's understandable, OnLive threatens what many consider the "right way" of doing things.

Although there's no denying playing Crysis on a £200 tablet on the train is pretty cool, better than just sitting there looking at the back "physical" case anyway. Or perhaps Angry Birds.

Depends on your needs and wants. Options.

Wikkid6662919d ago

Do people actually use this service? I would love to know the numbers.

Rampaged Death2919d ago

If this works well then this is one step to the future.

s45gr322919d ago

Hell yeah go on onlive. Bring the future of gaming. Is just too cool play your games wherever and whenever on any device. Like crysis on the tablet then on your tv ending on your pc. Cloud saves+cloud gaming=awesome

Tyre2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

It places far too much power in the hands of the publishers and OnLive. They would control all access to all content at all times. You legally own nothing. People are stupid & blind to be mislead by this, reminds me of a Roman senate-member quote out of the movie 'The Gladiator' about the mob in Rome that is being distracted by bread & games while the Republic of Rome is being dismantled:'Take away their freedom & rights and get applauded for it'.

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