Call of Duty Third-Person - Just What The Doctor Ordered

A new third-person shooter in the CoD world may offer enough originality to silence the haters.

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Ray1862924d ago

Could they possibly be going after the Socom players?

brettyd2924d ago

Its a good idea because their hasnt been a new SOCOM game in YEARS.

Ray1862924d ago

I think you meant to say "Good" Socom game in years. 2 Socom games have been released for the PS3.

TheFirstClassic2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Basically, he's saying keep everything the same, just in third person. I don't think that will draw many new players at all, the problem most the "haters" have with it has nothing to do with it being a fps instead of a tps. You would have to change the whole pacing, which might happpen anyway if it becomes a tps.

Also, I'll admit to not even playing mw3 yet, and I don't plan to, but it defintely doesn't seem like there have been enough changes to even really justify a purchase over blops or mw2. And it's gotten more team based? How so?

Like I said, I haven't played it so all my thoughts come from an outsider looking in.

Wikkid6662924d ago

Not many people played it in MW2, so not a big deal.

mll092924d ago

So basically the 3rd person mode in MW2 but with better animations? I don't think that would work, given the state of games now, if you have a 3rd person shooter it's almost a must to have a cover system, which would completely change COD's gameplay

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The story is too old to be commented.