Jaffe hopes to avoid Twisted Metal online pass

Fred Dutton writes:

"Speaking in an interview with Eurogamer this week, the Eat Sleep Play boss explained that not including an online pass could help build the title's potential fanbase.

Jaffe was also kind enough to hand Eurogamer some brand new screens from the game, which you can check out below."

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Majin-vegeta4613d ago

Hopefully he doesn't that way i can lend my copy to my friends so they can try it out many of them have never played TM and this would be more cash in his pockets.

Majin-vegeta4613d ago

Oops meant to say hopefully he does avoid it.

DarkBlood4613d ago

"hopefully he doesnt that way..." that was understandable no confusion there?

-Alpha4613d ago (Edited 4613d ago )

Sony is the publisher, they will implement an online pass. It's a standard that they are implementing, and I guarantee it will be standard for all MP games by next gen.

Pretty sure developers have no say on this. People generally blame developers for a lot of things when it's the publishers who are pulling strings

DarkBlood4613d ago


but i think it should be up to the ones who actually makes the game and not the publishers whos job is just that to publish

Ultraplayerxp4613d ago

Publishers fund the game though, so no publisher = no game and then we're back to square one.

NiKK_4194613d ago (Edited 4613d ago )

C'mon, Sony. What about those who use Gamefly? And by that I mean ME! Although, I will probably buy Twisted Metal, but I will rent it with Gamefly until I have the money to. I still have to buy the Vita.

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Fylus4613d ago

Jaffe may have said that he doesn't consider himself a smart person, but he's one of the only developers with any sense at all. I applaud him.

GearsOfWar4613d ago

Wait, wasn't Jaffe the one talking about how used game sales aren't fair to developers a while back? If so, wouldn't he want to implement an online pass to bypass the lost earnings?

Fylus4613d ago

Which just proves how modest he is. He doesn't feel it fair for OTHER developers to lose money from used games, but he himself doesn't care if it's not fair for HIM. He just wants his fans to be happy.

GearsOfWar4613d ago

Sounds like damage control to me.

4613d ago
Servbot414613d ago

I hope to not have to avoid the game, but if there is an online pass I will.

maniacmayhem4613d ago

Good luck on that. It comes down to the big bosses at Sony for that decision.

Schade4613d ago

Shocking... a dev that GETS IT!

Market share grows when people lend (rent) games to others who want to try it out. If they like it they BUY it!

You cannot lose sales to used and rental markets that were never going to buy it retail in the first place.