New Xbox 360 Dashboard Update December 2011 First Impressions (WikiGameGuides)

Video of the new Xbox 360 Dashboard update for 2011! In this video, we cover:

Beacons & Activity 1:00
Cloud Saves 2:55
New Achievement Layouts 5:50
Netflix Updated Layout 7:50
The ESPN app 11:30
Bing Xbox Search 14:28
Twitter 21:41

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dski10802924d ago

I'm hoping the ESPN app load time was a one time thing, because it took forever.

darthv722924d ago

i loved the dual streaming option. The audio was seamless when switching from one stream to the other.

Not even picture in picture is that fast.

xboxguy2122924d ago

I love this new dashboard its awesome i hope good and amazing things come of this in 2012 and so on.i like the fact that its like a tablet interface.

Iznogoud2924d ago

Xbox needs more Tebow. All the tabs should just be replaced with Tebow. TEBOW!