Neogaffer Gives Warhawk Expansion Pack Impressions

Want to know what the new Warhawk expansion pack is like? Well a member of online gaming forum Neogaf has got himself a review copy of the update to PSN's multiplayer jewel.

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gamesblow3974d ago

Basically more DLC no one will play with and it'll ruin the fun for those of us who do. Resistance anyone? Camborn and Westmor.... I still haven't seen these maps. I bought them, but no one has ever played on them. I boot the game up once a day just to see. I didn't even buy the new packs because of it. I wont' buy this one until I know if they're going to be people on it. simple and clean.

Lord Anubis3974d ago

it's time for you to change the preferences when you search for games. Either search for map pack 1 or map pack 2 because there are people playing them.....

crunchie1013974d ago

Now go away. If you don't care about it, then leave.

This expansion look effin awesome and I'm glad that people like you won't be on there to ruin the experience

LOFT3163974d ago

There will be alot of people buyin the new map pack

LOFT3163974d ago

There will be alot of people buyin the new map pack

gamesblow3974d ago

Man, I've done that... but I simply cannot find anyone who plays on Camborn of Westmore... None! I played a ranked game 1 time on like Camborn, but that was it. When you boot it up "be honest" what does it look like when you search for those maps? Mine says none available.

I wish i could play on them, but I can't.

hazeblaze3973d ago

I don't think there will be a lack of ppl playing these new maps. I know that Resistance sold more copies but Warhawk seems like a much more hardcore community of gamers.

Even after the release of COD4, Warhawk remains to be my favorite online game (eventhough I absolutely love COD4 too though).

SmokeyMcBear3973d ago

you searching for custom maps or ranked ones? well i havent played in a while, but i remember i had to go to a different section in ranked and I would always play both those maps, the underground one was hectic. I never played custom maps so i dont know.

gamesblow3973d ago

I always play custom... and no one plays on the maps in custom cause you ahve to pay for them. See, the map packs are free to use by all in ranked games. Custom is where everyone is at, though. And no one is playing these new maps cause no one wants to pay for them. that's what worries me about Warhawk.

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akaFullMetal3974d ago

looks sweet, and i wonder how capture the flag is going to turn out with these babies

neogeo3973d ago

bubbles on me tonight!

darkwing3974d ago

who is man enough to pilot one of these and not get shot down lols

aiphanes3973d ago

Anybody want to ride with me? Do not be scared!

I promise not to crash the dropship into a mountain!

Relcom3973d ago

is bad A$$. That thing looks like a monster. I will buy this no doubt. Warhawk is pure lag free fun.

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