The Top 10 Games We Want To See On The Wii U

The era of the Wii U is beginning soon. Nintendo has wowed us quite a bit with this powerful little white box full of the latest technology, but if there's anything I have learned over my years as a games journalist, it's that a console is dead in the water if it doesn't have strong software to back it up. With all the cool tech included in the Wii U, Nintendo could make some pretty awesome software. So here are the top ten games we want to see on the Wii U.

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Pikajew2921d ago

Strategy games like Starcraft will work great on the Wii U because the controller

Shackdaddy8362921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Dota and diablo would be great. I'm not sure if you can be fast enough with starcraft though...

I think mmorpgs like WoW would also be very fun. I've always wanted to play WoW on a TV...

A 3rd person pokemon mmo would be just absolutely amazing.

blaaah2921d ago

Pokemon MMO please...

lionelglitchy2921d ago

metroid online with some classic maps from metroid prime 1,2,3 updated in hd with all of samus arans cool gagets.have my pre-order in already

Khordchange2921d ago

metroid prime 4, couldn't agree more. Right once I saw that controller I was thinking "man imagine using the scanner for metroid"

colonel1792921d ago

Zelda!... Yeah, i'm a Zelda fanboy.

Not sure how mario would work, but I am pretty sure Miyamoto will think of something innovative.

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