PSN Top Sellers: November 2011 Edition

PSBlog - The numbers are in! Starting this month we’re expanding the PSN sales charts to include not only the 20 top-selling PSN and PS3 Full Games, but also the top five PS one Classics, PSP games, and Add-Ons.

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GraveLord2929d ago

Amazing FFVII still on that list. Its a classic. It shouldn't' be remade.

Bathyj2929d ago

Why the hell did inFamous 2 (best superhero game ever) sell so poorly, but FoB is a runaway success?

Rynx2929d ago

maybe the price? I got both so I got the better deal.

Minato-Namikaze2929d ago

It didn't sell badly, it was the #1 selling game on the psn for like 3 months, I bet if you could add retail sales and DD sales it would paint a different picture

SolidGear32929d ago

All I bought through PSN in November was Limbo and Delta Force: Urban Warfare.

Minato-Namikaze2929d ago

Looking at the PS1 classics makes me both happy and sad, they are all great games and they remind me how good squaresoft was, but it also tells me the square-enix sucks now and we don't have nearly this many good rpg's now :(