Dragon Water Statues, Floppy Stillborns, and Other Skyrim 1.2 Bugs

Despite the release of Skyrim 1.2 patch last week, many gamers continue to experience serious gameplay issues. While Bethesda plans to release a new patch this week (version 1.3), they have already stated that one major bug (PS3 lag issue) will not be addressed…

In light of this, we put together a short video showing some of the Skyrim 1.2 bugs that may or may not be corrected soon.

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Sarick2927d ago

This only shows a long clip of the lag issue, Okay, we get it the game lags on PS3. The problem is this topic is misleading. What about the OTHER compiled? It says "a short video showing some of the skyrim 1.2 bugs." The video I watched isn't short and it only showed the lag problem.

Suddenbrain2927d ago

The other bugs aside from the lag make up the last few minutes of the video.