Michael Bay: Microsoft is the Real Problem

Outspoken director Michael Bay has once again posted a note on his website in regards to the format war, this time calling out Microsoft. He pointed out, similar to what many insiders have been saying for a while, that Microsoft was only trying to destroy both formats in order to usher in digital downloads. Mr. Bay called Blu-ray the "superior" format and hinted that Microsoft was behind the now infamous Paramount payoff.

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Mr_Kuwabara4877d ago

Meh, Microsoft just doesn't seem to really care about any formats.

The Brave 14877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

Anybody with a little sense knows that microsoft was behind the paramount deal.Problem is they are too little too late.I hate microsoft for the way they conduct business.Thats why they are getting their asses kicked by Apple,Google andsoon SONY!

when blu wins,i think they should block paramount from producing on blu.
That will teach them not a 150 million dollar lesson,but much much worse

marinelife94877d ago

I'm glad he confirmed what everyone suspected.

I understand that Microsoft wants digital distribution but they are going to have a few problems that they'll need to overcome.

1. The entire world is going to have to move to next gen broadband with 50 mbps speeds in order for it to feasible.

2. Hard drives are going to have to be much larger

3. They are going to fight brick and mortar stores like Best Buy who rely on physical disc sales for a part of their revenue.

Vip3r4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

"Meh, Microsoft just doesn't seem to really care about any formats."

Yeah, thats why they are backing HD-DVD.

marinelife94877d ago

You miss the point of what Michael Bay is alleging. Microsoft is only backing HD-DVD to prolong the inevitable enough for them to get their digital distribution network up and running.

Think of how much worse the format war would be if MS didn't have a HD-DVD add on for the 360 and if they never fronted the money to make Paramount exclusive. Toshiba would be in even far worse shape than what they already are.

Close_Second4877d ago

Before I address your points, digital distribution is already here to some degree and it will by no means replace all disc media (i.e. CD, DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray), it will co-exist with it.

Now, addressing your points...

1. Rubbish. People download a sh*t load of data now on much slower speeds. They just realise that they have to set it going overnight or during the day whilst they're at work. I dare say developed countries should be looking at sustained speeds of at least 10Mbps which is achievable. Downloading a 10GB file should only take around 2.5 hours at that speed.

Lets face it, things will only get faster...

2. HDDs are getting bigger and bigger ... and BIGGER. I can go to my local electronics store and pick up a portable 1 terrabyte drive. In 3-4 years multi-terrabyte drives will be available. Space will not be an issue.

3. Well, ITunes has basically taken on brick and mortor stores with music sales. The same thing will happen with video as it makes good business sense.

Digital distribution is a reality for most of us already. Whether for downloading demos or patches or renting a movie. It won't eliminiate the need for physical disc media but it will eventually dominate the way electronic content is sold. Just may take 5-10 years...

marinelife94877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

1. A 25 to 50 gigabyte movie takes a long time to download and a lot of hard drive space. Why would someone wait hours to download a movie when a lot of people live within a few minutes of a Blockbuster video? Some countries have already started offering 50mbps download services but it hasn't hit the US yet. Plus you run into the problem that some have theorized that we will run out of bandwidth in 2010.

2. Yes hard drives are getting bigger and bigger however what happens when you want to take your movie to your friend's house? Would you rather take your entire device with you or just a disc? What happens if your hard drive crashes?

3. It still will be a fight against brick and mortar stores. Best Buy and Wal mart weren't happy about Itunes. Wal mart even started there own music download site to compete and supplement the revenue loss.

But I think you misinterpret my original post. I stated that MS will have some problems to solve not that it was impossible.

drewdrakes4877d ago

The Brave 1 - define "getting their asses kicked" as last time i checked they are beating all 3 of those companies. Maybe not Sony for long in the console wars, but the other 2 it's no contest.

You know those Apple commercials saying their sales are up? Well that may be true, but their market share is down since Vista. The New York Times wrote an article about this and how Apple screwed up. Trust me, Apple doesn't do anything better then Microsoft. A hacker said about the Mac operating system "it can be cut apart like swiss cheese". This is because all you have to do is look for year old linux flaws and they still exist in Macs (for some reason they havent been fixed). But no one wants to waste their time on a mac.

Now for Google, people say they are now the next Microsoft. Meaning they are now conducting business like them. If you cant beat em? Join em. I guess thats their philosophy there.

Vip3r4877d ago

"You miss the point of what Michael Bay is alleging. Microsoft is only backing HD-DVD to prolong the inevitable enough for them to get their digital distribution network up and running."

I don't care what Michael said. I was quoting and replying to Mr_Kuwabara's comment.

"Think of how much worse the format war would be if MS didn't have a HD-DVD add on for the 360 and if they never fronted the money to make Paramount exclusive. Toshiba would be in even far worse shape than what they already are."

Actually the format war would be much better if M$ hadn't have released the 360 addon. The format war could have been over to which I wish it was.

Scrooge4877d ago

Since it's so fun to hypothesize conspiracies, maybe microsoft is the one responsible for sept. 11.

SlappyMcTaint4876d ago

Microsoft doesn't care about the consumer and just wants everything to themselves by sabotaging current technology?!?! WTF!! I never would have guessed.

BTW, above is sarcasm, for the thick-headed M$ lovers here.

fck M$ up their greedy fcking a$$$es!! I mean that! If i ever see Bill Gates in person, he will get a b!7ch slap from me!! And it would be worth all of the jail time i would get!!

DraconWolfX4876d ago

Slappy -- Hate on Microsoft the company all you want but the fact remains that Bill Gates is an extremely generous man. He gives MORE money to charities than any other wealthy business man out there. He actually cares about the problems of the world and that's why he's retiring from Microsoft to focus his efforts on that. Don't hate Bill Gates, he really is a good guy. He's just lost control of his company.

godofthunder104876d ago

like one guy said,if they could sony and their fans would blame Microsoft for 911 to.i laughed my ass off when one sony fan said that microsoft is getting their ass whiped by sony,apple and google,hell the last time i checked microsoft could buy all of them.if people start using their brains instead of taking up for sony every time they said something then they would see that

1st-'it's unstopable,sooner or latter every thing will be down loaded.

2nd-when people first downloading music people said that it want hurt cd sales because cds has better sound,well what happen,cds are about dead now.

3rd-sony and their fans are saying that movie downloads want rule the furture,well i like to know where they been at because people are starting to download movies more then hd dvd or their so call god br is catching on right now,not only microsoft but apple and even tivo is starting to have video downloads and every cable and satilite company has pay per view now and people still think that movie hardware still have a place in the future,well if they do then they will be left behind.even block busters rentals are down now because of this.critics already said that the new formats don't offer anything new that the majaority of people want.when dvds first came out they were smaller and has a way better picture so people jumped on it,but the new formats are the same size and the picture isn't a bigger difference then the difference between vhs and dvds were.

but i think the people that want a japanese company to beat an american company migh as well move over their because that's where their loyaties lies.hell when 2 writers for game magazines in japan were interviewed,they were asked why can't the 360 seem to sell in japan and they both replied that japanese people are proud of their country and they buy products from japan as much as posiable so they could help their own economy out and they hate to buy from other countries especially if it's from the U.S.well after hearing that and people still want a japanese company(sony) to beat any american company is nothing but a grandfather didn't fight in ww2 for the U.S just so people like this can hand the U.S right over to japan with out a fight.
years ago when people still bought the majority of american products and just starting to buying forign products,they had a slogan that came out that said buy american made,because they said that if we don't start now then we will be to dependent on them for everything,well it happened.we depend on japan for almost all our products now and that's why japan own half of the U.S now.japan only allows about 3/4 less imports from the U.S that they export to the U.S and if it was any other company then japan we wouldn't let that happan because we depend on them to much,and on top of that it's a law in japan that says an american can't own a company their but still they own half of the U.S and they still buying every thing that they can.
so go ahead and pull for a japan company against a U.S company and let them rule the world,hell i hope all of the people that pull for sony against an american company moves to japan because they shure in the hell helping japans economy out and hoping that it hurts the U.S economy,and if a war ever break out, they see that this time it's japan that has the advantage and then they have no one to blame but their own dumn asses because i've never heard of japanese whishing that they loose to an american company hell look what the 2 writers said and people still have the balls to pull for sony,they say that they are for the U.S but when they have a chance to prove it they do the opposite well they are all HYPERCRITS with no pride for their country if they did, then they would do what japanese do for their country instead they do the opposite of what japanese people do,instead of helping their country out they help japan out.well it's true what they say,japanese are smarter then americans,well they are atleast smarter then the ones that pull for a japan company against an american company even when japanese said that they hate to buy products especially from the U.S
henery rollins was right,he said that japan has the U.S over a barrel and f**king it dry and we aint doing a damn thing about it and it's about time we do

jojo3194876d ago

the The Brave 1, in what world are you living where Microsoft is "getting it's a$$ kicked" by SONY, Google, or ANYONE else for that matter?? So the iPod outsells the Zune by a ton. Regardless of what you may think is "better", Microsoft crushes everything in the computing world. The 360 and Zune are merely Bill's hobbies.

SlappyMcTaint4876d ago

True, he does donate a ton of money -but most of that is to promote Windows wherever he goes: donating PC's to starving children, who need food more than t3h internets.

I should have focused my anger more towards M$ as a whole.

PHUKKERS!!! tha'ts better.

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gamesblow4877d ago

Wow! Doesn't sound like he's happy and it also doesn't sound like Microsoft is doing a very good job of doing what they're doing, since Blu-ray is kickin' the S#IT out of both digital downloads and hd-dvd. "hga"

Filanime034877d ago

Actualy gamesblow they did a good job on prolonging the war. Instead of the format war being over this holiday season it is set back to one more year in which the deal of exclusivity will end. Microsoft did a good job on prolinging the war.

ruibing4877d ago

So far the only contribution from the format war has been price slashes on players and sales on movies, but, in exchange, it has slowed the adoption of next gen dramatically. I hope it ends soon...

Boink4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

which it likely is, then it's brilliant and working.

consumers are confused, neither format is even coming close to DVD, digital distribution is surpassing both formats, and their video marketplace will now be available in Europe as of dec 11th.

welcome to cut-throat business Mr. bay, sorry you were so naive up to this point.

it makes sense for MS to encourage a war, they gain ZIP of either format wins, as they are not a production company. But if digital distribution wins, then it's important and profitable to them, as pretty much anything involving the internet makes them money.

PS3 Limps on and on4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

If the great XBOX 360 starts getting outsold next year.

MrSwede4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

Both formats are actually doing well compared to how DVD was doing in the beginning.

Edit: DVD sold roughly 700 000 players the first 20 months in the U.S and HD-DVD claimed 500 000 stand-alone players were sold the first 20 months in the U.S so I'd say they're doing well.

Danja4877d ago (Edited 4876d ago )

But DVD players didn't reach $ the rate of HD-DVD's..seems like one is hanging on for dear life..!!

Blu Ray FTW..!!

unlimited4877d ago

Its not smart move they wasting money on something that wont benefit them..Microsoft dont care about HD format they just trying to prevent blu-ray to completly win right away..Ill say next year thats when blu ray will kill hddvd to its death..

xplosneer4876d ago

Microsoft could make a HUGE profit on HDDVD, considering that they OWN the HDi spec that is used in HDDVD's, while Blu Ray uses open Java software. If HDDVD won they could make a profit on people using their software per disc. Imagine that HDDVD won. What, 5 million discs a month? Times 50 cents per disc? That's 2.5 million a month. A MONTH.

gogators4876d ago

which comes out to around 150 million dollars a day. Making 2.5 million a month really amounts to nothing. I still just don't see why MS cares about this format war beyond how it can affect the PC industry, where MS gets most of it's income. Whether Blu-Ray or HD-DVD wins this format war, digital download services are still going to find a place in the market.

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MK_Red4877d ago

While I like Bay and his Blu backing, I still believe the real problem is Paramount because if they weren't greedy and hadn't accepted the 150 mil bribe, this war would have been over by now.

marinelife94877d ago

I actually don't blame Paramount it was a smart business move on their part.

150 mill in cash for only 18 months of exclusivity. That's more than what they would have made in Blu-Ray profit until the market gets bigger.

Plus they were told Toshiba was going to flood the market with $99 players.

Paramount doesn't have to think HD-DVD is going to win all they have to believe is that both formats will be around for awhile. Wouldn't you take the money?

We'll all be able to buy Paramount Blu-Rays in a little over a year.

Feihc Retsam4877d ago (Edited 4877d ago )

One studio will not decide the format war.

As long as there is a big name brand producing Blu Ray players, and another producing HD-DVD players, consumers will be split on which format to pick.

Mixed revews aren't helping things either...
Apparently many people think one format has better/more features than another... There is no REAL superior format when it comes to HD movies...

Sure, Blu Ray can sport higher capacity if it needs to, but fo HD movies, both HDDVD and BLU RAY do the job just fine...

It will take a massive studio migration to one format to make consumers sway heavily to one side

And how can you blame PARAMOUNT at all!??
MONEY is the name of the game. It's the reason the PS3 has a BLU RAY drive, and it's the reason TOSHIBA is handling HD-DVD...

So why shouldn't PARAMOUNT make a cool $150m where it can? If you were PARAMOUNT, would you have graciously decline the $150m just so SONY, MICROSOFT, TOSHIBA... WHOEVER, can make their cash?? I don't think so.

actas1234877d ago

Don't you guys worry. Toshiba and Sony will work out something at the end of the Holiday season. Toshiba will cancel the contract with paramount and sony will pay them some cash.. Remember that Sony and Toshiba have always been close friends..