IGN - Wii's Last Ride

Once again, Nintendo fumbles its hardware transition.

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jacksonmichael2921d ago

It bothers me that they have two paragraphs that are about Operation Rainfall, but never actually use their name. It's hard to imagine that someone reading articles about the Wii would still be in the dark about OpRa, but still.

aCasualGamer2921d ago

Wii's last ride.

Like we didn't know this already. The Wii was dead long time ago.

Nintendo's Wii U will prove nothing but a sad attempt of an apology to the hardcore gamers who by then will already have heard of TRUE nextgen console launches, PS4 and Xbox 720.

You should all have known that Nintendo ditched the hardcore the minute they stopped creating new IP's.

user8586212921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Last Story
Xenoblade Chronicles
Pandora's Tower

Either you've been smoking something or these are indeed new I.Ps

Game3s2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )


he was smoking anything he is just another stereotype "Wii has no new ips" probably heard it from some fan of the other consoles, and he takes their opinion as fact without researching.

fallingdove2921d ago

Completely agree.

@ waseem355

Technically, Xenoblade Chronicles is the only Nintendo made game on that list and it's not really a new IP.

And he is talking more about Nintendo's over-reliance on Mario/Kirby/Zelda. Nintendo releases the exact same cycled games on every platform.

Mario X
Mario Kart X
Kirby X
Zelda X
Metroid X
Smash Bros. X

CDbiggen2921d ago

Wii U will suck. Wait for the TRUE next-gen consoles. Nintendo ditched the hardcore. Etc. Etc.

Man, you guys are all the same.

Xof2921d ago

With Xenoblade and Skyward Sword, seems like this year (end 2011 begining 2012) is actually the best period for the Wii.

Skip_Bayless2921d ago

Nintendo is the greediest of the three console holders. They are too cheap to compete on the technical side so they try to throw gimmicks to make a fast buck. I will say no further.

CaptainN2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Falling dove,whenever I hear that comment about how Nintendo makes the same games every generation I always have to explain to people the logic behind it.Nintendo is the Disney of gaming.Disney always puts Mickey,Donald,Goofy etc in cartoons over the years because those are their key characters that people want to see.Of course they still make princess movies and family movies but they still have Mickey and the gang all over Disneyworld etc.You dont dump your mascots because some people complain. You keep them in the peoples eye so that every new generation gets introduced to them and learns to love them.Maybe certain people think they have grown out of Mario,Zelda,Metroid etc, but every day there is a new child playing Nintendo for the first time.Everyday a mom or dad picks up their first game controller with their kids and learns about Mario or Pokemon or Link.These are the best selling franchises in dont just put them on the shelf because this new generation of so called hardcore gamers think Mario is for babies or they are tired of Mario Kart 7,or Zelda is always the same(which is nonsense).But everyone is entitled to their opinion and if those franchise characters arent doing it for you anymore,dont buy them simple as that.Dont complain about it thinking that Nintendo might be like"you know hes right,lets toss these old characters and not use them anymore because they feel we are milking them to much".Try buying third party titles on a Nintendo platform instead of complaining about Nintendo using the same ones over and over.Oh,and Nintendo funded all 3 of those games to be made that Waseem mentioned,so yes all 3 are new Nintendo IPS made by second parties for them. Nintendo owns those names and characters.And Skip-Bayless that is the dumbest statement I have ever heard.They dont compete technically because they are cheap.Perhaps you should do some history lessons first before making statements because up until this gen Nintendo always competed with their hardware.The Nes was a beast compared to Sega Master System & Atari 7800.Snes was a much better system that Genesis,the N64 was a powerhouse compared to Saturn and PS1.The Gamecube was more powerful than Saturn & PS2 and supposedly a little less powerful than Xbox,some developers say if programmed right it actually was more powerful then Xbox,but I digress,since it was never proved,Xbox gets that small advantage.This leads to this gen where Nintendo changed their pattern to not be the most powerful console and to try something different.So being cheap is funny,since they are sitting on a mountain of money by being cheap or to use your words less technical :p

kramun2920d ago

Holy f'cking wall of text Batman! That wasn't a post, that was a headache.

I can understand your love for Nintendo, but learn to use paragraphs mate. Most people won't even bother reading it and it must have took you a bit of time to type it.

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Simon_Brezhnev2921d ago

Seems like the like talking bad about everything except 360.

SlipperyMooseCakes2921d ago

Well then you either misunderstood the article or didn't read it at all.

Panthers2921d ago

I saw this coming a mile away. The Wii was a fad. Anyone denying it before should be able to see that now. And their next console is a joke. That controller looks ridiculous and uncomfortable. It will not have the impact that the motion controller had for the Wii. I couldnt imagine holding it for long periods of time. Not to mention it would constantly demand you taking your eyes off the screen.

I dont see the Wii U taking off like the Wii did. I love Nintendo games, but will not buy into motion gaming or this touchscreen mess. I hate playing games on touch screen devices.

El_Barto2921d ago

I'm really looking forward to the Wii U, looking towards a great price point though.

I love the Wii, no complaints on my part, I notice a lot of people hating on Nintendo, but all they've done is revolutionize the genre time and time again, even saving the game market back when it crashed in the 1980's.

Game3s2921d ago

Another article by IGN to bash the Wii, give me something new please.

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