Rockstar publishing L.A. Noire for iPad, delivered through OnLive?

VGW: Twitter is buzzing with some tantalizing clues about the future of Rockstar’s L.A. Noire, particularly the prospect of it being released on the iPad, likely on the cloud, and possibly connected to the OnLive service. After receiving an anonymous tip regarding an imminent announcement later tonight (at 9pm EST), we started scouring Twitter for more information.


As we suspected, the official announcement about an OnLive Tablet/Smartphone app has come down the wire. Read about it here:

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fluffydelusions3416d ago

Meh. After the first couple missions the game got very boring and repetitive.

BrianShea3416d ago

But still, it would be really cool to play on the iPad. At the very least, an awesome way to show off the tech.

killyourfm3416d ago

Only thing that worries me about a true OnLive client on the iPad is that it's WiFi...combine that with the Bluetooth controller they're working on, and you have the potential for a laggy mess.