Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Why it’s Going to Rock XBLA

Xbox360Cheats takes a look at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and says why it will be one of the must-have Xbox Live Arcade titles of 2012.

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bozebo2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Either it'll suck on consoles or it'll suck on all platforms.

The gun control in CS:S and in CS is just too precise for an analogue stick or 30fps. I remember CS on Xbox and it was horrible.

If they change it to work on consoles then it will suck on PC.

Micro_Sony2921d ago

Have you not played BF3? The cotrollers work well on the PC and 360.

Its all up to the deveopers if they want to make the experinace equal to all platforms - Valve will not betray the PC fans and will not want to disspoint they growing numbers of console fans.

If done right Valve can hit a home run and take some of COD thunder.

TheDareDevil2920d ago

But CS doesn't have iron sights and therein lies the difference. It'll be interesting to see how Valve handles this.

ambientFLIER2920d ago

I don't understand how weapons don't have iron sights in people in the counter-terrorist units normally fire from the hip?

TLG19912921d ago

the ps3 version i know will be having keyboard and mouse support so that rules out the sticks being rubbish, well i guess it has to be as it will be cross platform between pc n ps3 but i dont know if the 360 is getting keyboard support, i am sure they will try

T9002921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

We know the PS3 version has Mouse Keyboard support, However be honest here most PS3 users will prefer to play the game with a DS3 from the couch. You wont find them taking their PS3s to a desk so they can play it with Mouse and Keyboard, Its just not going to happen in most cases.

Hence if most PS3 users are going to be playing with controller, it would be better if they didnt cross game, unless they actually are willing to play it with Mouse/KB.

And lol before you end up calling me a Xbox gamer jealous of not getting cross game, i would like to say i dont own any of the consoles. PC gaming ftw.

Neko_Mega2921d ago

Plus PS3 users will get to play with PC users, sorry Xbox. You just didn't have what it takes to make it.

JsonHenry2921d ago

I'm hoping that it is HUGE on the PS3 and forces next gen MS console to allow support for KB+M. If that catches on then things like RTS, MMO, and hack and slash games will be accessible in the future on consoles and open a whole new generation of KB+M players that would otherwise never game on a PC become acclimated to the control scheme.

BuffMordecai2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )


Enjoy getting dominated by PC users, a controller doesn't have near the precision of a mouse.

bozebo2920d ago

CS is just.... not right for a controller.

It just wouldn't work unless they totally changed the game.

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Yi-Long2921d ago

... if it sells really well, it can be great fun for years, if the support is there.

If it only sells to a small group of people, and too often we find empty servers, then we quickly turn our back on games like these cause MP-games are no fun without other players.

Which is why it's such a shame that EA/Dice hasn't invested more time and effort in their excellent Battlefield 1943, which is still my favourite Battlefield gameplay-wise, but is now losing players online because of it only having 3 maps to play on...

I feel if they had released a new good mappack every 3-4 months, it could have been the most popular online game on consoles, even now 2-3 years later.

shikamaroooo2921d ago

Id rather play it on ps3 for cross platform
Matches (ps3 vs pc)

decrypt2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Unless you play it with Mouse keyboard on the PS3, you will get slaughtered by PC gamers. This isnt a portal game where you are playing as Coop, Hence unless you are willing to play with Mouse keyboard and then accept that you are limited to 30fps, it will be like playing on a low end PC basically.

Personally i as a PC gamer i wouldnt like console gamers on my team specially if they are going to be playing with a control pad.

Hence crossplatform is actually a disadvantage to the PS3 gamer who want to play with a DS3 also to the PC gamers who dont want their team gimped by controlpad playing PS3 gamers.


You will just be handicapping yourself and be a burden on your team in general.

shikamaroooo2921d ago

Im after a challenge and i know mouse and keyboard has a massive advantage the fact ps3 offers cross platform play is a good enough incentive to get it on ps3

T9002921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Lol it goes a bit like this:

PC with Mouse Keyboard = Fast and furious gaming
Console with Controlpad= Lazy relaxed gaming

Its like taking a Kia to the track and hoping you stand a chance against some super car.

TopDudeMan2921d ago

I hope there's an option to not play with PC players on the PS3, because it won't even be a contest.

coolbeans2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Apparently, the guy above you (shikamarooo) thinks it'll only be a "challenge".

I'm sure is aware of how unfair it'll be, so they'll have PS3-only lobbies. They have to in order to make sure they don't lose part of their fanbase.

reynod2921d ago

Yep i would hope both the communities get the option not to cross game, as PC gamers wouldnt like controlpad weilding players on their teams either, it would just put the team at a disadvantage.

peeps2921d ago

well the ps3 version can use K&M too I believe? If it's anything like UT3 (which supported k&m on ps3) you could check an option when creating the server. Chances are the matchmaking will have different playlists for controller only, cross platform, single platform etc etc

cochise3132921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I'm sick of people thinking keyboard and mouse can slaughter a controller. when this game comes out, I challenge any pc gamer on here and I'll take a squad of ds3 players. then we'll put this urban legend to rest. I have a gaming rig before you all attack me with the benefits of kb/m.


killzone 2

peeps2921d ago

With no aim assist? controllers can still be good for FPS but I believe a lot is too do with the generous aim assist in games. If there wasn't any issues with controllers in fps there wouldn't be aim assist and yet every FPS on consoles has it... what does that tell you.

So are you saying without aim assist? In which case which fps have you been playing on consoles recently that doesn't use any form of aim assist.

bozebo2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

1 decent counter strike player will annihilate an army of controller users with a glock, if they all have AWPs.

Ducky2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

It really isn't an urban legend.
It's a simple fact that a good mouse will allow a user to react much more quicker than a controller ever would.

This doesn't mean that using a mouse will instantly make you slaughter everything in sight. It's just that there is a higher amount of precision available with a mouse.

Also, KZ2 doesn't prove much. It is a slower paced game. Now, if you can play as scout on TF2 with a controller (and do well), then that's something to brag about.

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