How Square Enix Can Win Their Fans Back: Chrono Edition

Jordan of Trendy Gamers: Moving on to part three of my five part series on how Square Enix can win its fans back we come to the beloved yet small Chrono franchise. This franchise is one of the most beloved in all of gaming culture and Chrono Trigger in particular is often ranked among the greatest games of all time. Why has Square Enix left a franchise like this to the rot away when fans so clearly want more of these games? Here are my ideas on what Square Enix needs to do with the Chrono series to get its fans back.

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TrendyGamers2922d ago

It would be great if Square Enix did finally make another Chrono game!

Xof2922d ago

I'd love another old-school RPG, period. I played Trigger for the first time a few months ago... it impressed me far more today than ANY other
new" RPG since Persona 4.

TrendyGamers2922d ago

Yeah, they don't make RPG's like they used to.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2922d ago

Didn't we just have an article like this a while back?

I suppose if ff13-2 is good that'll be a start. And if versus is actually worth the wait when it releases that'll definitely be a solid win for Square. I actually see that game achieving FF7 status as a classic.

I'm not sure if chrono will give them their fans back. As the article states, not many square fans even bought the chrono games. But then again if they released another one and it's good and people actually buy it that could be a win for them so who knows.

TrendyGamers2922d ago

This is part 3 of a 5 part series so there will be two more shortly!

guitar_nerd_232922d ago

I want parody poster that says

" I want to believe... "

with a big Square-enix logo!

HeavenlySnipes2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

They should reuse the battle system from Chrono Cross. It wasn't just spam the attack button like every other turn based game. It took a little bit of thinking and was very fun.

That being said, if they make a sequel to Chrono Cross, I'd shit my pants

EDIT: I liked them both, but I liked all the side missions in Chrono Cross (like finding the ultimate attacks for all the characters) and DAT MUSIC :O

Game4life2922d ago

personally i liked chrono trigger better. The battle system too

kma2k2922d ago

Agreed cy_wolf Chrono Trigger is one of the top 5 games of all time, Chrono Cross was a really good game that reminded me of chrono trigger, of course thats just imo

kma2k2922d ago

If they made a new chrono Trigger/cross games, & even if it was a Wii exclusive (which it wouldnt be i know) but if it was that would be enough of a reason to make me go buy a wii, thats how badly i would want to play this! While your at it bring me a new Earthbound/mother (i realise thats not squar, but while we are talkinga about it)& i dont count the ds erathbound game!

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The story is too old to be commented.