The Gaming Effect Review: Super Mario 3D Land

An excerpt: "Super Mario 3D Land is the first game to truly show off the 3DS’s capabilities. Despite the semi-awkward and misinforming title, Super Mario 3D Land truly is the first gem the system has to offer. We all know that the 3DS has so far had a lack of quality titles, but I feel that that trend is ending, with Super Mario 3D Land being quite quality and Mario Kart 7 on the way, the potential of the system is about to be seen. The best way to describe Super Mario 3D Land is wild fun. The first half of the game is quite easy, and made easier by the fact that there are super power-ups if you die too much (that this reviewer never used), even that first half though has a sense of magic to it. That’s what Super Mario 3D Land does best, it gives the player an experience, and that is what any quality game should do."

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