The 2011 Xbox 360 Dash Update: The good, the bad and the downright ugly | Clearance Bin Review

So as millions of gamers wait patiently for the newest update to their Xbox 360 dashboard to download (and then subsequently wait for Xbox Live connection issues caused by the delayed rollout of the new dashboard to go away so they can actually get online) many are probably wondering just what all has changed. Even if you managed to download the update and connect to Xbox Live in the early morning hours, you may have not had the time to fully to explore the new dash before stupid things such as work and a social life got in the way; so here is a general breakdown on some of the new features gamers can expect to experience, both good and bad (as well as just plain downright ugly).

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PetitPiPi2924d ago

Somebody doesn't own an Xbox. Stick with your PS3 and stfu please.

darthv722924d ago

its more like the other way around. 360 dash out xmb's the xmb. It would not surprise me if sony remade the ps3 xmb to be more like the vita.

At very least get rid of the detached feeling that you have when going from the xmb to the store or other areas.

Best way to describe the two.

XMB: is like a mall. lots of stuff but a separation (of sorts) when going from one thing to another. Especially when you factor in Home and the store.

360 dash: like a big department store. You can transition seamlessly from one department to another and never feel like you have left the store. You can jump back and forth between content without effort.

2924d ago
hazelamy2924d ago

it's nothing like the XMB, the xmb is easy to navigate and find stuff, and the ads are a little less intrusive on the XMB.

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PetitPiPi2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

"What many gamers are probably going to notice most though is that while the new dash is great with a Kinect, it is slow and clunky with a controller or remote"

I totally disagree. Has this guy even used the bumpers to go from left to right? The new dash is blazing quick. Watch the "controls" 101 video you noob.

darthv722924d ago

about those L/R buttons. Same with the triggers as those would move selections up/down.

I dont know what people are getting uptight about. This is the easiest I have been able to use a MS GUI in years.

The good: it is fast. easy to use and more informative than before.

The bad: the apps i am most looking forward to arent available yet.

The ugly: seeing some of my more 'adult' friends holding little teddy bears when they are offline. (funny and cute in some odd way but that could count as an ugly)

ClearanceBinReview2924d ago

Yes, you can flip pages with the bumpers, but it is still kind of slow and clunky when you are navigating the actual menu with a controller. You really can't deny that the new UI was designed for the Kinect first and the controller second.

3GenGames2924d ago

The tabs were better the older way with up/down selection sections instead because it doesn't require multiple buttons and it wasn't hard to see what you're "focused" on like this new one. It's another dash IMO, but it's probably one of the worst. I liked the last one a heck of a lot more. Oh well.

darthv722924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

i two liked the up down thing but often times there was to much left to right. This way you see the maun stuff on the same screen. Instead of pressing the right thumbstick to cycle the different things on the main page it does it for you.

I really like this one and it is very fast to find what I want. All my stuff is on the first screen unless I really want to explore. Then again, the press of the guide button brings up the classic tabs if people used that more.

I do when viewing what is currently in the active downloads.

edit: to be fair, the first screens that would come up when the old dash started was the "what's new" stuff. So you had to move the stick up to get to the personal row of info. Games, profile, movies, music, settings etc.

So when you moved the stick up it would land on the disc tray. Unless you had a disc in the tray you would have to move the stick right (2 times) to get to the "my games" and then choose which game to play.

This way you have the disc tray on the front screen as well as the quick launch for games. If you are complaining about size of the boxes then......i cant help you with that. Now I hardly have to even move the stick. Not like I had to on the old dash.

Also, a gripe i had on the old seems to have been somewhat fixed. That was the pressing of the "B" button to go back to the previous screen. Some areas of the old dash had several layers and each press of the B would only take you back 1. Now it seems I am pressing the B button and it takes me back more layers meaning I am not pressing that button as much and getting to the front page much quicker.

3GenGames2924d ago

I mean I think the setup could work, I just wish it was a little different. What I select in focus should be the biggest thing. And the first thing selected. The main problem is trying to see what's selected on startup as it's the little itty bitty "Play a game like you have a 99% chance of doing on this part of the menu" but the box is the LEAST significant thing on the page. It just makes no sense. I want the first box BIG and the most commonly pressed thing in that section and smaller boxes next to it. Not the way it's set up now in the main section. Ugh.

hazelamy2924d ago

it's a bloody mess, it's clearly designed around kinect and bing.