Xbox Update: A GIANT hassle - But Totally Worth it

For those who were trying to successfully update your Xbox 360 dashboards last night, more than just some of you may have run into some major issues. Xbox 360 users complained of numerous errors, and not being able to sign into Xbox live properly. Some who were able to sign in, were repeatedly kicked.

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Beatboxtaun2921d ago

The Bing functionality works pretty cool. The interface also looks nice and cleaned up. I am really liking what is in store.

xtremexx2921d ago

It looks pretty good, kinda confused about why there is an ad there since Xbox live is paid but i dont really care.

Wikkid6662921d ago

The ads are sponsors. Contests, giveaways, free gamer pics, free games, free avatar items, etc all come from these adds.

gamingdroid2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

The ads are generally relevant and I find myself discovering stuff there such as new movies, latest released games, events and competitions.

Grip2921d ago

wow ppl complain about ads lol it's not like u must see the ad or something.

Biggest2921d ago

Are you supposed to shut down portions of your view or something? If the ad is right in front of your face, you're going to see it. Unless you navigate the dashboard blindfolded.

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cstyle2921d ago

Live continues to improve.

Focus2921d ago

Best User Interface in a gaming console ever. Very intuitive. Very impressed.

Mikeyy2921d ago

Lmao? Its doesn't get simplier then xmb.. the live dashboard is bloated, and lags like hell just trying to load your list of game from the hdd..

I haven't seen the new update, but I doubt this all improved. How is it intuitive, when you have to hop through multiple windows to do anything? When I play my sisters xbox I just get lost, it is not intuitive.

SockeyBoy2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

You bitch about it but you haven't seen the new update? WTF?!

EDIT: Sorry stiggs (below) bet me to it.

PimpDaddy2921d ago

How can you even talk about something you have little to zero experience with? Both the old dashboard and new dashboard for XBL outperform XMB on PSN significantly.

That's real talk from real experience. LOL @ "my sisters XBox"

delosisland2921d ago

Honestly if u don't like xbox at all get the hell out of here. Go play mgs4 or heavy rain. Please leave I'm begging u. I DO NOT click on articles unless I actually like the content. Is that so hard to do? Really, is it??

evilunklebud2921d ago

I disagree... I've had both for 4 years now, and prefer dashboard to XMB. MS has done a good job keeping the UI fresh, and the newest version is the best yet (so it seems after 24 hr). Kinect integration is better than I thought it would be as well.

Not noticed any more lags on one system verses another, if anything I think the new dashboard is faster that the previous one, despite the graphical enhancements.

XMB feels old by comparison.

One might expect a little better UI for MS anyway, considering their core business.

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2921d ago
stiggs2921d ago

"I haven't seen the new update"

This statement pretty much sums up the relevancy of your post.

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