Fight Night Round 3 PS3 Preview

At a press event in New York today, Electronic Arts made the first public showing of Fight Night Round 3 running on a PlayStation 3 development kit, with impressive results. When Round 3 hit Xbox 360 earlier this year, it was praised as the prettiest game to date by many, and now 1up can confirm that the PS3 game looks even better.

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beans5854d ago (Edited 5854d ago )

Check out this video and decide for yourself

clayton5854d ago

They had how long to add more optimizations and polish. Please give me a break.

OutLaw5854d ago

The game did have enough time to be polished up. So when it comes out we'll see if they really did take advantage of the PS3.

clayton5854d ago (Edited 5854d ago )

They are too shiny it actually looks worse than the 360 version. Just my opinion no reason to start a flame war. Lets try to act like adults.

THAMMER15854d ago

Everything else looks the same. The sweat is just bigger. The 360 has good swaet effects but the PS3 dev look to have added an extra touch there. But no real reason to go crazy untill they drop a game at the same time like R4 then we will be abel to make a better comp.

nitroburn15854d ago

Agreed, the only thing that looks better is bigger sweat. Will have to wait for a side by side comparison, but after so much time to port to the PS3 it should have gotten alot more than bigger sweat.

schnodder5854d ago

are they blind fools? 360 version looks the same ... maybe a little better! lolol

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The story is too old to be commented.