4Player Preview - Fight for the greenskins in Of Orcs and Men

I’m sure that after playing Skyrim you have found a soft spot in your heart for the troubled Orcs in the world. Now wait, don’t go and ruin that feeling by playing Orcs Must Die, hold that feeling close to you. Cherish it, and maybe shed a tear for the mass extermination of those poor hapless greenskins.

Still with me? Good because Focus Interactive’s Of Orcs and Men wants you to do your part to help. Of Orcs and Men is a new action RPG being developed by both Cyanide Studio and Spiders Studio which puts you in the role of an Orc Warrior caught in a battle to save his homeland from an impeding human invasion which is persecuting and killing his greenskin compatriots. It’s a heartfelt story of poor Orcs, bullied in school, not able to marry, ‘driving while green’, and forced to drink from the “Greenskins Only” water fountains.

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