PlayStation Home Version 1.60 Is Here

This Thursday, December 8th, we will release the latest update to the PlayStation Home client. PlayStation Home version 1.60 delivers a wealth of improvements and updates to the core client, not the least of which is a doubling of the item placement limit in personal spaces! Here’s a look at what’s coming to you as part of PlayStation Home v1.60:

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Persistantthug4309d ago

On one hand it's good they're taking so much care with HOME, even though I don't use it all that much....

But on the other hand, every time I go to use it, and every time I turn around, there's some new update.
Catch 22 I suppose.

But I'm glad HOME is doing well.

Pentumsmart4309d ago

Might just start it up some time soon. Last time was probably almost 2 years ago.

DJMarty4309d ago

Why update home you say?

Why not, it's makes income for Sony, which pays for PSN.

El_Barto4309d ago

I haven't used Home in ages, last time I was on it all of these people were chasing after female avatars and everyone else was just being racist and acting stupid.

kikizoo4309d ago

Stop pretending you have a ps3 dumb trolliar, new xfanboy multiaccount.

by the way, your comment "Great sales for a great game! Modern Warfare 3 has turned out to be my favorite in the franchise." is hilarious.

El_Barto4309d ago

This is my first account here, just because I enjoy Call Of Duty and think MW3 is the best in the series makes me a xbox fanboy how?

Nice one bubble though kiddo.

Fylus4309d ago

El_Barto, if you keep this up, you'll be around the one bubble area too.

Omar914309d ago

They update home more then they do the xmb.... give me a new sleek look!

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PlayStation Stars Items Would Be Perfect for a PlayStation Home Reboot

The new loyalty program PlayStation Stars boasts an array of rewards, many of which would be perfect for a display in a reboot of PlayStation Home.

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PlayStation Home Is Back Online This 2021 Thanks to Fans

Thanks to the Destination Home Team working in tandem with the PSOne Emulation Team, PlayStation Home is back online this 2021 on the PS3.

SullysCigar668d ago

Now bring it into the PS5 era as a PSVR2 social hub and we're talking!

Silly gameAr668d ago

That would be awesome. Wonder if the fans can pull that off.

bouzebbal668d ago

It was a sad day when they stopped this service.. the community gave them so many good idea they chose not listen.. people want the trophy score to be used in home, or simply get rewards from unlocking the trophies..

excaliburps668d ago

If there was a time to do this, it would be now. Imagine PS Home intergrated with Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc. It could work, and open a new revenue stream for Sony, and new earnings potential for influencers, etc.

668d ago
668d ago
Mr_cheese668d ago

While I understand why you said it, I hated the idea of everything you just said.

Lore667d ago

And expand on the housing and furniture offerings, allow for quick jump-in to HOME from the startup screen, and integrate a way for unique items to be acquired for games that platinum trophies have been earned in

GoodGuy09668d ago

Ah yes good times. I remember bowling, making psn friends, dance parties, flirting with girls, and pretending to be a girl with hoards of dudes following me lol. I even created eu and jp accounts because they had their own unique hub area and game spaces. It was just dumb fun.

boing1668d ago

In hindsight, this would have been great in the current climate.

Darkborn668d ago

I still think the ps5 is getting it with London studio making an "online game" they keep posting. They also have experience making VR games so who knows. It would be amazing as a free game packed with the psvr2.

OptimusDK668d ago

HOME was a broken mess last time, and it still makes no sense now. This whole META verse hype - i just dont see it. VR or not makes no difference. We are far off!