VGChartz Gap Charts, November 2011

Seb Parker: Welcome to the all new VGChartz Gap chartz. Due to the changes to the site this month (which I hope you're all enjoying), I've further refined the gap charts. X360 Vs. Wii Americas is now solely USA, and PS3 Vs. Wii EMEAA is now only Europe. Global PS3 Vs. X360 and X360 Vs. Wii UK remain the same as before. Next month I will be adding 3DS Vs. Vita charts.

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showtimefolks2930d ago

how does this site get the sales number globally? other than that each consoles has done even though wii is running on its last legs till wii-u comes out. xbox360/ps3 will be neck and neck for next few years and competition means better games for us

Moentjers2930d ago

The first time I read the title, my mind shifted it to "VGChartz Crap Charts" ! Scary.

Gamerita2930d ago

i don't trust vgchartz ,i really believe it's a corrupted website.

Cyrax_872930d ago

well it was created by a 360 fanboy who was banned from neogaf for posting fake numbers...

Gam3rSinceBiRTH2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

That's true? Well if it is, than he's making $$$ from all the suckers that keep going to it.