Is the New Xbox Dashboard Ad Placement Really That Bad?

The new dashboard update brings many changes, including frustration from more noticeable ad placement. But GameZone's Matt Liebl questions if the ad placement is really that bad or if Xbox users are looking for a reason for Xbox to stop charging for Gold Membership.

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Marcus Fenix2921d ago

don't say that just yet, chuck norris is in that advert u know.

darthv722921d ago

that one isnt as funny as mr t but it is still pretty good.

iamnsuperman2921d ago

I hate video adverts. You go on a website and you are blasted with sound from an advert you do not want. This is slightly annoying but what a great way to increase revenue for Microsoft.

Marcus Fenix2921d ago

I agree, but u only hear the advert sound on the new dashboard when u highlight the advert box.

Bigpappy2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

MS had these ads on the old dash. Nothing new here. Just people people you have to complain in order to feel better inside. The ads do not interfare with anything you would like to do on 360.

I pay for XBOBLIVE, and don't care about those little ad-windows M$ has on the dash. They are nicely done and non-intrusive. If you like the way PSN is setup, no problem, stick to that.

darthv722921d ago

i actually like the way they do that. unlike a pc web browser when it just plays. the 360 ad could be running and you not know it unless you want to watch. plus, the ads arent intrusive.

i was watching split screen espn and was really impressed with how smooth it looked. and how quickly the audio stream switched when i went from one side of the screen to the other.

silverlight is impressive.

-Mika-2921d ago

Ya that really bad. I still find it funny how PSN is a free service and it still doesn't have ads like this.

iamnsuperman2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

In a way it is a miss step on Sony's part. I am quite surprised that their isn't adverts on the PSN (even just banners)because of it being a free service. It seems the norm for free services to compensate with adverts

-Mika-2921d ago

I agree though. I honestly wouldn't mind. It a free service and it would net them alot of money to improve psn. Now if im paying $50 a year and im hearing a video ad i didn't click on play sound through my tv. Im going to be pissed.

CynicalVision2921d ago

Don't give Sony any ideas, it's bad enough that they the what's new section on the XMB but at least you can completely ignore that.

darthv722921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

there are advertisements on the ps store. i think people often confuse the xmb (no adverts) with the store.

the dashboard is a seamless consolidation unlike the seperate feel of the xmb/other areas.

P_Bomb2921d ago

Well, there's ads and then there's ads. Seamless or not, nowhere in the PSN store, vid store, what's new, Home, XMB etc will you find the Rogers' $99.99 Motorola Razr ad promo code 'unveil11' I'm looking at right now on my 360 dash. I don't mind ads or tickers for game deals...but phones is kind of a stretch. Like the Subway ads of yore.

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ZippyZapper2921d ago

And that is just one of the many reasons Sony loses money on PSN.

CynicalVision2921d ago

They have Home, you'd be surprised how much money that brings in.

slavish2921d ago

you only hear the ad if you go to it so don't b.s.

DemonStration2921d ago

The more offensive thing? Try searching for indie games.

JellyJelly2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Game Marketplace - By Genre - Done.

I go there by default to see Arcade games only etc. Where are the indie games located on PSN?

lifesanrpg2921d ago

More importantly, why are they showing a Chuck Norris World of Warcraft advertisement? Not only is the game dying, but it's not even for the console...unless...WoW coming to consoles!?!? Let the speculation begin (rolls eyes)

darthv722921d ago

simple. wow is played on windows. this new dash is meant to bridge console with pc and phone. when windows 8 comes out there will be more xbox phone interactivity.

plus its chuck norris. he eats ps3 fanbabies for breakfast.

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