This is what happens when you pirate Serious Sam 3; DRM done right

GB : Piracy is bad. DRM is bad as well, but when it's done like this, it's great. Check out the video which shows what happens when you pirate Serious Sam 3.

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Dark_Overlord2921d ago

And the 'calls' in the game exe that causes this will be NOP'd in less than a week by cracking groups.

This is most definetely a better form of DRM rather than the online activation crap, but as always it won't stop the cracking groups.

hesido2921d ago

Any type of DRM would be cracked, but at least the programmers are having their fun. I think that was the point. It would be funny to mock people that complained about this in their official forums, for example.

Darkfocus2921d ago

SS:TSE HD actually had the record for the longest uncracked game so I'm sure they'll last a bit longer than that it's already been 2 weeks and it's still uncracked(well they cracked it so now it's playable but then they discovered this scorpion thing,that's the crack that's currently out now)

Dark_Overlord2921d ago

I think that title belongs to Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

Released - 28th March 2005

Cracked - May 2006


IaussieGamer2921d ago

Should have been a pirate chasing after him

hesido2921d ago

Thanks for not writing "Should of" :)

ginsunuva2921d ago

All the enemies should OF been replaced by pirates.

hesido2920d ago

YOUR a very funny person.

rattletop2921d ago

i think games should be designed such that only 2 levels are accessible in SP campaign. the rest should be unlocked only after completing an on-line co-op that includes the next few(maybe 2 or 3) levels or ranking up in MP. this might prevent piracy to an extent because pirates won't get to play the entire story w/o going online.

bodybombs2921d ago

what about the people who dont have internet connections, or what if youre traveling?

rattletop2921d ago

umm. that's why i said they let 2 levels to be played 1st. people aren't going to be travelling all the time. they can play those few levels when they do. for people w/o internet connection- well, what will they do if patches and free dlc are released? nowadays almost every game has a patch within a month..So they WILL have to connect to internet.

Mystogan2921d ago

if you have the money to spend on this game,then surely you have money for internet.

99% of the people who have bought this game probably has internet.That 1% you can ignore.

There are 2 billion people on this planet who use internet,and how many has this game sold? about a million maybe?

surely you get the picture now.

Gamers who don't have internet should be ignored when it comes to pc games(i bet i can count them on my fingers),if thats what it takes to get rid of piracy.

s45gr322921d ago

Amusing is fun seeing game developers mocking the pirates

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