Fifty Cops Don’t Make Shoplifting $600 Worth of Video Games Easy

Stealing is bad. Don't do it. It's a crime. Shame, though, stupidity isn't.

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gamingdroid2920d ago

Well now he won't have to work as our government will provide for him in jail. Who knows, they might even get PS3 privileges?

Skip_Bayless2920d ago

Hey if you steal you gotta be at least somewhat smart about it. You can't hide that many games into that little clothes. Anything more than two games would be sketchy.

-Mika-2921d ago

Omg.Get a job. Mcdonalds is always hiring.

Pikajew2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

The place where I live I am not able to get a job

So not everyone can get one

gamingdroid2920d ago

In some places, even getting a job at Walmart is hard....

Paragon2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Trophy Unlocked - "Wow, you're an idiot!" (Platinum)

BiggCMan2920d ago

Must be the platinum for Modern Warfare 3.

Spenok2919d ago

Being a trophy whore i just may have to go for that one >.>

/s xD

D3mons0ul2920d ago

What bothers me is the fact that there were already 50 COPS in the store, patrolling.

Why do you need that Walmart of all places?

ChrisW2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I'm sorry... But read the damn article before you post!

"Like many American cities, Waldorf, Maryland has a "Shop with a Cop" program in which underprivileged kids receive gift cards, paid for by charity donors, and then shop, well, with a cop."

D3mons0ul2920d ago


FIFTY of these bastards in one Wal-Mart.

TeaDouble_E2920d ago

I hope he drops the soap while in prison

D3mons0ul2920d ago

I doubt he'll go to prison for this...but knowing the route Murrikka's been heading in, they might actually send him to prison.

We are becoming like the society in Idiocracy, folks.

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