NowGamer - Dishonored Preview

NowGamer - Dishonored sees players take up the role of Corvo, who previously was apparently a bit of a legend in his capacity of bodyguard to the empress of Gristol. Like all good-uns in fantasy tales, however, he’s soon carted off to prison after being caught up in a conspiracy by an evil Lord.

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Pintheshadows2925d ago

The more I see the more intrigued I become.

Huwmor2925d ago

Love to hear of a game setting that doesn't sound incredibly overused. I also hate seeing games with intriguing premises/gameplay end up as glitchy uninspired messes(here's looking at you Damnation/Brink)

Would love some gameplay as I've never jumped at written impressions and interviews(They are VIDEO games, give us some bloody video!)