Skullgirls sexism complaints are "misplaced and shallow chivalry"

EuroGamer - The developer of Skullgirls, the anime fighting game featuring an all-girl cast, believes those who accuse it of being sexist are displaying "misplaced and shallow chivalry".

Some critics have labelled Skullgirls' art style gimmicky and dismissed it as anime fan service because of the inclusion of "panty flashes" and huge breasts.

But developer Reverge Labs said everything in the game makes sense lore wise - and is yet to meet a woman who has complained about it.

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JoMO2929d ago

I see nothing wrong with this game... wait I'm a guy.

Yi-Long2928d ago

... if you don't like it, just don't buy it. Simple.

Enigma_20992928d ago

How in the hell did you get a disagree for saying THAT?!?!

Mike_Tha_Hero2928d ago

He's kind of missing the point, that's why.

What if the game actually is sexist, it's all good as long as people who have an issue with it don't buy it?

Yi-Long2928d ago

... some will think showing women in skimpy outfits is automatically 'sexist', and other will disagree with that.

If you have a moral problem with a game, based on your principles, then simply don't buy the game and spend your money on something that doesn't offend you, instead of bitching and moaning about it so it might be censored or removed for those who DON'T have a problem with it...

Not everything is for everyone. That's OK. It doesn't all have to be politically correct.

StraightPath2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

why do people get in arms when a game represent women like this? in the streets in clubs women dress like this anyways. Women degrade thereselves in porn , and becoming fap material with topless modeling nude modeling prostitution tc whats the difference. Well not ALL women SOME women. Who represent themselves like this.

D3mons0ul2928d ago

Because according to them it's not what "real" women look like. (Even though there are plenty of real women who have big boobs and show them off frequently)

They want video game women to be held to the same social standards as real people. Doesn't that seem a bit...I don't know, crazy?

-Mika-2929d ago

"Our lead animator is a woman,"

Ok so what. That still doesn't make it right to have a female character dressing up like that.

"She intentionally lavishes attention on the breasts herself because she thinks it's cool.

Ok and not every female thinks like her. Women having big breast is not cool to me. Numerous fighting games have females that are sexy and cool but they don't dress like sluts.

Overall i just find this disgusting and it lowers the quality of your game.

LightofDarkness2928d ago

Your avatar is of a woman whose sexual features and prowess were exaggerated and used in a similar fashion (dat ass). Please, explain why one is more right than the other.

" Women having big breast is not cool to me. " Some women have big breasts. Do you publicly flog them and deride them because of it?

"Shallow chivalry" is more than apt here.

wicko2928d ago

And you care.. why?

I thought the game was shit just watching gameplay - slutty characters had nothing to do with it.

Baka-akaB2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

"Ok and not every female thinks like her."

But that's the thing , not every women will think the way you do , and care about it .

It's time some females realized they dont a default right to be the prime target of a game with female heroines , thus completely devoid of T&A .

"Some critics have labelled Skullgirls' art style gimmicky and dismissed it as anime fan service because of the inclusion of "panty flashes" and huge breasts. "

Yup and those idiots can't even spot what is anime style .

Folks like Michiru Amane learly distincts an american comics artstyle .

Go tell a real Japanese person like her who has worked in this industry since before most of us were born that she can't tell the difference between American comic style and Japanese Anime ...

bakagaijin782928d ago

"Women having big breast is not cool to me."

Wow. So then because I myself naturally have big boobs I'm automatically not cool? You don't happen to be a woman with *small* breasts, do you? Because that statement sounds a little bitter to me.

@Baka-akaB: Agreed.

D3mons0ul2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

It doesn't make it "wrong" either. Don't push your standards onto other people.

"Overall i just find this disgusting and it lowers the quality of your game."

Overall I find you annoying and just about every post you make lowers the quality of the comments section.

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Pozzle2928d ago

People care about Skullgils enough to get upset about it?

BuffMordecai2928d ago

Blah blah blah, who gives a crap.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2928d ago

"Our characters are strong, powerful women who happen to be attractive. We don't have anyone like Cammy [from Street Fighter], who wraps her legs around your head and then beats you senseless with her Kegel muscles"


I dunno I don't really think of it as sexist. Well some of the character's have strong "sex appeal". The one in the black miniskirt came directly out of an office fantasy for sure.

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