Vita’s Most Important Launch Titles – Japan Edition

Sony’s last system launch was for the PlayStation 3, over five years ago. It’s been a while since we’ve got through the whole launch routine, but now it’s only 10 days till the PlayStation Vita becomes commercially available in Japan. With time winding down, here’s a look at some standout software, the success of which would be of particular interest and benefit to Sony. - PSLS

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Sev2928d ago

Love the article picture.

I know Uncharted is big even in Japan. But there are a ton of titles Japan is excited about that westerners aren't.

T3mpr1x2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I can't believe games like Dream Club are allowed to sell in Japan...Then again, I'm not so surprised.

MaxXAttaxX2928d ago

Why not?
You can play games of this nature on your computer, so why not on consoles/handhelds?

T3mpr1x2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I'm just referring to the content of the game. I think it's appalling, mostly because of the perceived ages of the girls involved. I know there's sex games out there as well, but those are usually at least between adult models.

ftwrthtx2928d ago

Japan definitely has different tastes in gaming. RPG's seem to rule over there while shooters rule here.

I hate that we have to wait until Feb to own the Vita here. You would think that they would sell more units in Western markets, so therefore sell here first.

Kos-Mos2928d ago

You know why? Because they are smarter; no "bang bang, get some get some!"

ftwrthtx2928d ago

I think it has more to do with the gamer's attention span here in the West.

We move on to the next game pretty quick

Xof2928d ago

Holy gross generalizations batman!

Gamers East and West... people East and West are a lot more similar than most people think.

As ftwrthtx pointed out, the biggest difference is the favored genre--Western gamers clearly prefer shooters over all else, Eastern gamers clearly prefer RPGs over all else.

And while the shooter is a distinct genre, the RPG is not. So why does each hemisphere prefer a different genre?

It's simple--it's a cultural thing. Westerners prefer shooters because of the 'Cult of the Gun.' You can look it up on your own time. Basically, in Western culture the gun symbolizes freedom and the power of the individual--very important concepts in Western culture. Whereas in RPGs, the power of a character is often interal, and not dependent on a specific tool (reflecting the concept of chi/ki/"life force"). Similarly, Eastern cultures often emphasize cooperative action over individual action (thus greater emphasis on duty/obligation to family, employer, etc.) whereas Western culture prizes individual action over cooperative action.

So it should be clear by now, right? I think it's mainly that last point. Shooters mostly deal with the player as a lone individual, whereas RPGs mostly put the player in a group--a party.

If you go online with a Western game, you're more likely to find more gamers playing pvp than co-op. With Eastern games, the opposite is true, you'll find more gamers playing co-op than pvp.

That very simple reason is pretty much it, though there are plenty of folks on BOTH sides of the ocean that like to pretend the folks on the other side have some sort of irreconcilable culture differences, or are inherently inferior in some way. This thread hasn't devolved into that garbage, but I'm sure you've all seen the fairly racist "loljapan" lines of discussion that happen. Spend some time browsing 2chan--the Japanese can be just as bad. Like I said at the start of this TEXTWALL, we're pretty much exactly the same--it's just that the whole language barrier makes it harder to realize.

Kos-Mos2928d ago

You have to stop reading cheap manga before you make yourself look even more foolish.

Canary2928d ago

Well, someone sure looks foolish here, Kossy, but I don't think it's who you think it is. <.<

Inception2928d ago

Well, RPG still sell a tons in there but right now shooter got more reception too. Just look when BF 3, MW 3, & UC 3 released in first week. If i'm not wrong, they got 2nd and 3rd spot on the chart with one hundred thousand copies. That's a lot for a shooter in japan.

TheBeast2928d ago

Says the pedo...oh the irony.

Crystallis2928d ago

LMFAO!!! dude that comment had me rollin at work.

knifefight2928d ago

Please, she's at least 12.
Way past her prime here.

MaxXAttaxX2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

They do look quite youthful but most of the time they end up being of legal age.
They just vary in height and build(as in short/tall/small/big boobs) lol.

Yangus2928d ago

MH 3DS outsell all Vita games in japan,and Resident Evil coming!

This Vita games not system seller.Only Uncharted-Uncharted Fans.

doctorstrange2928d ago

The PlayStation brand alone is a system seller in Japan.

Yangus2928d ago

This games weak in japan-

doctorstrange2928d ago

The PSP sells like crack over there. A lot of people will upgrade, I'm sure.

Eamon2928d ago

He does make a valid point about Monster Hunter. The new MH game's launch will definitely outsell all the Vita launch titles. The Monster Hunter franchise in Japan is almost on par with Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

If Sony had managed to secure MH4 on the Vita, that would have been an insane launch.

But why are we even talking about MH4 though? It doesn't even have a release date in Japan yet.

knifefight2928d ago

Um? Of COURSE the new MH will outsell Vita launch titles. Think about the math. How many people have Vitas? How many people have 3DS?
Most games on most systems will outsell the Vita launch titles in the first weeks and the very least because the machine has no install base. The 3DS has been building one for nearly a year now. >_>

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majiebeast2928d ago

Ahh look its a wiitard who lost his way the crappy 3d and waggle section is the other way.

MasterCornholio2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

MH will sell well. But not as well as people think it will. The treason why i say this is because this game is a enhanced port and it requires the circle pad accessory to play.

This is just my opinion.


Razongunz2928d ago

well moster hunter will be on the vita..its a psp title so wouldnt suprice me.

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Ddouble2928d ago

No Hot Shots Golf? Last I remembered, that was the most pre-ordered game. That or Golden Abyss but it should be in the list.

knifefight2928d ago

It's on there. It's the last one.