Opinion: Should Console Jailbreaking Be Legalized?

"At this point, most tech geeks know someone who has "jailbroken" their iPhone. Jailbreaking a few years ago was part of a mysterious subculture where only those draped in black overcoats living in shadowy basements who had battled the trials of flashing DD-WRT onto a router or who had the tenacity to liquid cool their CPU had dared tread."

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Megaman_nerd2929d ago

Just think about it, what would be the point of jail-breaking your console beside installing illegal programs to play emulated games and stuff? What can you possibly add to a console that is not illegal to enhance it?? Most people will simply use the jail-break to play pirated games and for hacking multi-player games like COD and that is the truth.

Dark_Overlord2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Most probably will, however myself I'd love a decent media player and browser.

If they introduced an app store, I believe it would keep a great deal of people happy. The original Xbox was hacked largely in part by the linux community wanting to run linux on it.

miyamoto2928d ago

Piracy exists because of high prices of games.

You lower the cost of games people will buy with massive effect all around the world in a global scale!

I know even the cheapest merchandise are knocked off but if games are affordable, not really Angry birds affordable but affordable, the good nature in people would naturally get legit games & support their favorite game developers and publishers.

TheFirstClassic2927d ago

@axelstone I think you put a little too much faith into human virtue.

AntoineDcoolette2928d ago

You're being quite narrow minded and prejudice on the subject, megaman.

I homebrewed my PSP and got internet radio on it with hundreds of stations. A feature I'd never have otherwise because Sony is not motivated to implement it. There are dozens of useful homebrew apps that don't involve anything illegal whatsoever.

Also where is it illegal to 'jailbreak' your console? There are no laws against the concept.

Baka-akaB2928d ago

True but let's be honest here , you'd be the minority . When all is said and done most jailbreak their consoles to pirate

steve30x2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

@ Megaman_nerd : You see what you think about jailbreaking isnt completely right. I had my old PS3 jailbroken so that I could play my legitimately bought copy of GT5 LCE directly from the HDD which made the game load faster and the game ran slightly smoother.

I dont want my PS3 jailbroken for piracy. I just want 100% of GT5 content on my PS3's HDD. I know for a fact that GT5 is'nt completely installed on my HDD because while loading a race I can hear the blueray drive accessing the disk. With GT5 Spec 2.0 this makes loading races very slow. If you dont believe me go see for yourself and see how slow the races load now since Sppec 2.0. Its torture to wait so long.

If GT5 was completely installed on the HDD and didnt need to access the disk I would'nt care for Jailbreaking my PS3.

TheGameFoxJTV2927d ago

Also, Emulation is very legal my friend. Instead of waiting for the HD remakes you guys pop 40-50 bucks for, I just grab my old PS2 games, and instead of putting them in my old SD PS2. I pop them into my computer's optical drive, and play it in true 1080p on my PC with a PS3 controller. And since I own the game, and console, what I do is very much legal. Emulation would just bring these possibilities to the consoles. Sure, some people will abuse it, but they will abuse it either way. lol

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smashcrashbash2928d ago

How can you legalize jailbreaking? The results can easily be devastating as well as helpful. You can't just allow something that could easily allow people access to your systems and lead you to ruin. I don't get the selfish attitude of people these days. Not only do you want to do something that is essentially wrong but you want to legalize and justify it as well.

You open the door to get what you want and don't give a flip about who comes in with you to do something wrong.I watch this selfish attitude all the time and when the device or company goes under or the company starts to lock everything down or put measures in place to prevent it, people are always quick to jump to attack them for it. Sony used their own storage media in the VITA to prevent piracy knowing very well that people were biting at the bit to break it open and people are mad because they are trying to intercept them.

Long story short, try to jailbreak a device if you want but don't expect the makers of the device to just roll over and allow you to undermine them just because you want to feint innocence and pretend that there is no downside

TheGameFoxJTV2927d ago

So, what you're saying is. We don't own it, they do. They're just lending it to us.

bub162928d ago

yes and no,

we all know jailbreak leads to pirated games. but you should also have the choice to modify the product you have spent your hard earned money on!!

Maybe if homebrew was standard on all consoles there would be no need to "jailbreak" them and any attempt to would mean your trying to pirate games?

SpitTake2927d ago

Yes, i bought it, I should use it how i damn well please, whether that be hacking it or throwing it off a building, i own it.

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