Cnet: Xbox's Bing video search is promising, but imperfect

Cnet: We've had some hands-on time with a preview version of the dashboard update. And while our test unit lacked the cross-platform search, updated Netflix app, and other video app improvements that will be in the official update, we've been able to test simple voice-recognition video searching via Kinect and it's a promising (albeit imperfect) approach to the video search problem. (We'll be publishing a more in-depth hands-on with all of the streaming-video-based updates later this week.)

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darthv722926d ago

and found a funny parody song of born this way.

Cant wait to see what it finds when youtube app is released.

cstyle2926d ago

Its not perfect but it works.

Clayman2925d ago

You can even search an actor and get all the movies or games he's in. I was looking for that Riddick game but i didn't know what it was called so I searched Vin Diesel and voila, Assault on Dark Athena.

PetitPiPi2925d ago

The search works pretty well. I was searching random crap just to see the results. Very quick and precise.