Sonic Generations: Casino Night Pinball DLC coming to Steam on December 26th

DSOGaming writes: "SEGA has just announced that the Casino Night Pinball DLC for the PC version of Sonic Generations will hit Valve’s distribution service on December 26th."

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Kran2926d ago

Cool. I'll be buying it then. Sonic Generations was flawed, but still lots of fun :)

TopDudeMan2926d ago

I'm thinking of getting the console version of this too. I've been playing the 3DS version, and it's good but I'm already finished it so I want more nostalgia!!!!

sonicsidewinder2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Generations is a breath of fresh air. Just hit the Sonic Heroes level, and now i'm worried everything after this level will be crap.

What the game's made me think is that it's a missed oppertunity. You're left wanting more levels from each game. And while this might leave it open for more dlc exploitation, you're left wishing that they could have just gone all out and re-made EVERY level from sonic 1, through sonic 2, CD, 3, Adventure and onward.

Having them all, It would be the Sonic game of legend! But now that they've just released a game with pockets of gold from each game, it would just be wrong. It's not like they could re-create them AGAIN.

"Speed highway was awesome on this! But now I wanna play Sky Deck. Damn!"

"Escape from the City! What a flashback, well made level. Damn, if only I could play Metal Harbour now. Damn!"

Brilliant game as it is. But could have been SO much more.