Geoff: "Fans of Wheatley will not want to miss VGAs!"

Geoff has announced today that fans of Wheatley, should be getting excited for the upcoming Video Game Awards of 2011.

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Covert_Gunman2928d ago

Who doesn't love Wheatley?

TheBeast2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I have grown fond of him. Especially in the credits

KillaManiac2927d ago

Space Space...I love Space!

guitarded772927d ago

Wheatley and I have a love, hate, love relationship.

WhiteLightning2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

If Stephen Merchant is going to be there then I bet he'll win best voice actor

Everytime they get a celeb to take part at the VGAs which has voiced a character in a game they always win.

Jack Black won over Nolan North in 2009 when he was hosting
Neil Patrick Harris won for Spiderman when he was hosting
Stephen Merchant making an appearence....I bet he wins

I love Wheatly but I want Nolan North to win, something which he's deserved since Drakes Fortune and what he lost out on to Jack Black. He deserves it more

ginsunuva2927d ago

They don't award the best talent. They just want to make everyone happy. Which is why they suck.

Kran2927d ago


Maybe he has a spin off.... lol as if. That'd be cool though. :O

If Half Life 3 is revealed, maybe he'll be connected somehow.... nah.... too hollywood like ;P

I dunno! Maybe Stephen will present an award?

admiralthrawn872927d ago

the VGA's have to be the most corrupt reward show in the industry. I will watch just for game announcements, but i hold no credibility in their choices for winners.

Eamon2927d ago

Well I wouldn't call it corrupt but I understand what you mean. It's purpose is to make a ton of cash obviously. With the commercial breaks happening every minute and celebrity guests speaking for a couple of seconds before disappearing, it's obvious the motives aren't just simply to entertain us viewers.

Since it's initial conception started on a business idea, that's why I wouldn't call it corrupt.

LightofDarkness2927d ago

I don't know why anyone places so much worth on VGA wins, the awards are about as relevant and honest as the Grammys.

"This one has lots of marketing behind it and money, therefore it am best. DERRRRR-"

Eamon2927d ago

Agreed. I've never ever taken the awards at VGA seriously. In the major categories, only the hugely marketed titles are nominated with each winner decided not by it's quality but by which is more of a commercial success for them. For example, if a relatively unknown title beats a hyped famous and popular title, a lot of gamers and viewers will get pissed and not take notice of VGAs any more.

I only watch the VGAs for the premier trailers and announcements.

HmongAmerican2927d ago

just wait for the game trailers and new game announcement to get upload online. That way you don't have to watch their commercial and all the talking.

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The story is too old to be commented.