PlayStation Move Mayhem Bundle Only $99.99 at Best Buy

Crazy, cheap discount on the PS3 Move Mayhem Bundle which includes Resistance 3 and KillZone 3.

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TheSanchezDavid2930d ago

That's actually a really good deal. I mean, KZ3 and Resistance 3 are definitely worth it. Really considering getting this.

darthv722930d ago

the eye, move, gun and two games for $100. I already have KZ3 but I could always trade it in at GS.

Really good deal.

ABizzel12930d ago

I agree this is a more appropriate price for move. I felt the original $100 bundle just wasn;t good enough.

But Killzone 3 (already have), Resistance 3 (which I've been meaning to buy), move controller, PS eye, and the sharpshooter is well worth the $100 asking price.

Now drop the Sports Champion edition to $60, and Sony will have great move options for the holidays.

Army_of_Darkness2928d ago

I already got everything there for a much higher price!!

2 amazing games that support the move people!! get that shit!

PR_FROM_OHIO2930d ago

Wow that is a great deal right there!!

lifesanrpg2930d ago

The two games alone are worth the price! I've been holding off on the move, but this might convince me to get it.

CloseSecond2930d ago

Good deal but two games best played with the dualshock controller....where the hell are the AAA Move only titles!?!

persistentlobster2930d ago

Resistance is best played with dual shock but killzone 3 is much better with move imo. Seriously, if you play killzones online multiplayer with the dualshock you will get your ass kicked.

kikizoo2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Don't feed the stupid troll...

only dumb xfanboyz are asking for "move only titles" when for move user, a good game playable with move, is a good move's game.

"Desperate to catch up to the Kinect, Sony? The Move failed to impress me when I tried it with both those games."

don't pretend you have a ps3, and this games...pathetic fanboy ([email protected])

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